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The key to removing dirt is releasing it from the surface it's on. Water, vinegar, which is acetic acid, and good old elbow grease can dislodge it.
Most of the store bought cleaners are literally toxic as shown by the warning labels. There are also many chemicals in them that do not even get tested.
I use the Shaklee Get Clean line.

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1/4/11 12:57 PM

Apartments, especially when you need to keep the windows closed have some of the worst levels of air pollution - even worse than outdoors! That's without the cooking of liver and onions or sauteing filet.

The greatest contributers come from many of the comforts of our homes. They are found in the compounds in our carpet padding, cushions in our couches and chairs and in many of today's plastic and vinyl products. Think about the last time you opened that brand new shower curtain...

The culprits actually released are in a form of constant offgas as VOCs - volatile organic compounds. They also are used in some of the glues and laminates used in furniture. If you add to that airborne mold, animal dander and even the skin off you nose that collects in your pillow that dust mites feast on, well you have nasty indoor as-we-live-and-breathe air pollution.

joeshack mentioned the Air Source 3000 in his posting. It is engineered not to cover up but actually breakdown the gases via something called Photohydroionization(TM) reaction. It also attacks and reduces molds and even drops airborne dust levels. There is no cleaning of metal blades and it looks good. You need to change what is a high tech light bulb once a year for the cost using a light bulb's worth of electricity a day.

I've used them for years and knowing just how well they work I started selling them. If you have any questions or like to just know more about it let me know. -

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1/14/09 02:10 PM