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Proud to say I just finished my plumbing shelves. I customized it by using 1.25" reclaimed 60 y/o pine (yes, I know, not the best wood for shelves, but it's what the salvage yard had), making 3 cabinets and fitting it with my slanted roof. Turned out great.

Yes, I am shamelessly bragging.

10 DIY Projects From The Archives
2/4/11 02:12 PM

Did you finish them with anything? Some friends did some reclaimed wood benches and used spar oil. It highlighted the holes and characters but left a great rich and durable texture.

Building Reclaimed Board & Batten Doors

10/5/10 09:30 AM

I actually just did a few hours of denailing (real word?) a bunch of wood last night. Picked up a bunch of old support beams from a non-profit salvage yard. They were going to be sliding barn doors but they seem to be turning into shelves instead. Thanks for the timely post.

Bringing New Life To Old Wood

10/5/10 09:24 AM

Does anybody have the name of the color in the first photo? Love it!

Dark & Dramatic Dining Rooms
9/28/10 11:48 AM

On the topic of sectionals, we want to buy one but how do you keep them from sliding or moving apart? Given how much our couch moves, I couldn't imagine smaller pieces of a sectional staying together. We have tried rubber, two legs on the carpet and even rug stop. Any advice?

I've Fallen & Wish I Was On One Of These Comfy Couches
9/22/10 01:01 PM

LOVE those cast iron plates!!! I do hope they go retail here in the states (with some color options...not so sure how food would look on gray). CAN'T WAIT!

Thanks for the post.


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3/30/10 02:01 PM

DeborahMcP - Would love to see pics of what you have done with your space. We have a similar setup, a separate loft space with enough room for a double chair and a skylight. Would love to get some inspirational ideas on what to do with the space.

The Small Escape: Secret Reading Nooks | Apartment Therapy DC
11/30/09 10:07 AM

I second the question; who made the lamp in the first picture?!?! It's perfect for our scheme.

Apartment Therapy DC | White Plus Wood: The Cozy Side of a Winter Palette
10/22/09 11:28 AM


Wow. I find your comment very intriguing. I couldn't ever imagine an absence of figure drawing classes. I remember feeling the same way about still life lessons in my art classes (and still hate still lifes) but I can't deny the lessons wrapped in the practice: light & shadow, form and how the objects relate to their surroundings, space, etc. that pictures do not even come close to capturing. Even in today's movements towards the abstract and beyond abstract, I would be surprised to find very many artists who did not have a stake in the fundamentals. And even if they progressed to their current abilities and styles without them, they couldn't deny the influence of the human form.

Even outside of 2-d art, any furniture designer, for example, would need an understanding of the human form when considering how real people would be interacting with these products. I myself, am constantly generating ideas for furniture based on the shapes the human body creates and the first thing that occurred to me was to return to taking figure drawing classes to help better understand and develop my ideas.

Also, beyond that, we have to acknowledge the cyclical ebb and flow we see throughout history, in fashion, music, politics and life as a whole. So even though today in a given gallery showing you might not see direct influences of a figure drawing class, it is not to say we won't in the future.

Apartment Therapy DC | Art Workshops and Drop-In Classes in DC
3/18/09 11:48 AM

L-O-V-E that rug in the first pic. Isn't it actually a rug or some sort of mat? Either way, where is it hiding?

Apartment Therapy DC | Scripted Furnishings
2/17/09 09:34 AM

Can anyone offer any help on using the Emergency Heat setting on a thermostat? We are new home owners in an old converted school house. The building uses heat pumps and we have noticed that on colder days we get cooler air coming through our vents. My partner says that is when we should switch to the EM heat, but I get conflicting stories when I search on the net. Any help?

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1/22/09 10:07 AM

Keep doing posts like this!

Regarding Corcoran and moving to the DC area; I moved out here about 2 years ago and was disappointed that I could not find anything in the tri-state area around industrial design or furniture design. I just registered for my first class in continuing ed at the Corcoran and am VERY excited. It took me a while to find out they offer classes in furniture design and such under their sculpture program. I am told their degree programs push you to challenge your artistic outlets.

I have also heard really good things about Artspace for just fun, inexpensive classes.

Apartment Therapy DC | Taking Art Classes in DC
1/14/09 11:26 AM