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Minimalist LEGO Ads Return to Their Origins
3/22/12 10:16 AM

I think the best you can do is to have a chat with your husband and find out why he wouldn't be ok with pink in his sons room? It sounds like that is the problem?

As for the room, it is really just about the shade of pink what it will look like. It can be anything from a fairytale princess to a sleek and minimalist choice.

I think it's great that you let your little one be himself and have the color he wants. I wish more parents were like you, and I hope that your husband see that too (i'm sure he does).

Pink Decor for Little Boy's Room?
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3/22/12 09:44 AM

I agree that gypsy is a bad choice of words. Especially since the situation for and with the Romas in Europe right now is quite tense and complicated.

Another name would have been better.

The New Gypsies by Iain McKell
12/21/11 09:50 AM

Get a bunch of smaller mirrors and glue them do the edge, creating a kind of venetian mirror.

Or get them cut into some other shapes, if you do not like the squares.

Repurpose Ideas for Ikea LOTS Mirror?
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11/22/11 09:56 AM

It would take quite some time to get used to living in a space like that, especially if the bedroom was part of the enfilade.

But very fascinating article, thank you!

Design Glossary: Enfilade

10/14/11 04:09 AM

While the sofa is kind of cool, the color is a huge contrast to the grey walls, thereby bringing out both the grey and the orange. I think it gets much to hard for such a small space.

There are two ways to go:
1. Add lots of colors: Add brigtly colored pillows, artwork (doesnt have to be expensive), rugs, wases etc to create a room that will be colorful, but probably not look big or serene.

2. Or add white. Get rid of the sofa and add a lot of white and neutral tones. Complement with a touch of a warm color - burgundy in winter, dark pink in summer?. This will make the room look bigger and more cozy, but you must remember to add more textile and art (as these are the antidotes of "prison feeling").

And add mirrors!

Good luck!

Cozy Up Living Room with New Loveseat or Art?
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10/14/11 04:04 AM

How about just buing a piece of plastic och cardboard and make one yourself? It shouldn't be that difficult?

Just make sure that you use the right bulb and always turn it off when you leave the room so that it will not become a fire hazard.

Replacement Shade for Ikea SAMTID Lamp?
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10/10/11 08:36 AM


Definitely a good choice to paint the wood work - keeping the wood would have made it impossible to get the harmony in the room - it would have been to many colors (as is often the case with unpainted wood). I think it was a great decision.

Before & After: Katherine's Beautiful Built-in Shelving
10/6/11 06:39 AM

Very nice, but I think it is totally wrong to say that it was a $10 project. That would make pretty much everything a budget project as long as you already have the stuff.

A glass piece like that is quite costly, even at IKEA, and the cost of the desk was definitely more than $10.

Trash to Treasure: Mrs. DeVore's High Impact $10 Desk
9/30/11 03:21 AM

I think the consoles are called Walter? And then there are standard shelves on that? They need to be stained, though (in Sweden IKEA also carries the stain + brushes, so it is quite an easy task).

Where Can I Find Shelves Like This?
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9/19/11 08:51 AM

I am also Scandinavian, and yes, my house is quite white. However, I think there is a huge difference between what these white interiours looks like in reality and how they look on the photos. First of all, many pictures comes from styled home where everything has been taken away. Often it would not be possible to live comfortably if it was like in the photos. Secondly, the photos are almost always taken in a way that makes everything appear a lot whiter and brighter than it really is. (I know nothing of cameras, so I have no idea what it is really called) When selling our apartment, we almost didnt recognize on the picture because of this "all white setting"

Apart from that, though, yes, I love white and I do not really think it is that hard to pull off once all the walls are painted white.

Scandinavian White: Could You Pull It Off?
9/14/11 03:28 PM

It is easy to understand.

The goods will sell for the double price on ebay. These people will earn quite a lot, so naturally it makes sense to buy everything you can get your hands on.

(I don't approve of it, but I understand why people buy it all - it is not to be used in their homes, but to make a profit.)

Missoni For Target: The Sad & Sold Out In-Store Look
9/14/11 03:34 AM

Yellow is just a color and if the whole pillow have gone yellow (as opposed to a stain, which would be more gross) I wouldnt mind. It's just a color change of the fabric, kind of like when old newspapers turn yellow.

I keep ours until they loose their shape. I was them pretty regularly and we've probably had some of them for 10+ years.

How Often Should You Replace Bedroom Pillows?
9/14/11 03:28 AM

The man who built our house comitted suicide about 6 months after we bought it. His family still lives close by, but we never knew him.

I like to think that hopefully he is happy that somebody is taking care of his house and making it a home. I think the girl in the house you are thinking about might feel the same -grateful that you are taking care of her home.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
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9/12/11 06:31 AM

Fantastic work!

I too agree on a handrail, both for safety reason and for the look of it, I think a wooden handrail (at least attached to the wall - that way it would still be floating) would look great.

I also dont get the thing with those brackets (?). Why are they black? They make it seem like it is not finished. I would definitely paint them white, because they make it look unfinished.

Before & After: Andrea & Cliff's Updated Floating Stairs
Hand Make My Day

9/9/11 02:27 AM

I agree with Blandwagon and agef - Very nice, but I would never have guessed Paris. I just feel that it is like a lived-in IKEA showroom. Sorry.

And while I love the color on the wall, I think it feels a lot smaller and more cluttered than it had too... White walls might be boring, but they definitely bring more light into a room...

Then again, all tastes are different. :-)

Before & After: 200 Square Foot Paris Flat Brought to Life
The Color Cure

8/26/11 05:29 AM

Maybe if you put them on a shelf or something, instead of using them on the floor as is common?

But I too have a mirrored pedistal that I have no idea what to do with, so I have not good ideas.

Should I Accept These Mirrored Pedestals?
Good Questions

8/25/11 08:59 AM

The curtains really doesnt have to be in front of the windows at all. Hang them by the side to avoid losing any light.

Curtains could soften the room and make it more cozy, but it all depends on the style you want.

Should We Hang Curtains In Low Light Rooms?
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5/26/11 02:54 AM

I agree with deelw.

But the idea is great and I could easily picture this somewhere else.

Diana's Upcycled Doormat
In My Own Style

5/26/11 02:50 AM


But the problem is the dust... dusty indoor gardens are simply gross, I think.

No Outdoor Space? An Indoor Rock Garden
5/25/11 11:40 AM