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For me, having guests is fine. I love living alone, and I love my tiny apartment, but having a guest or two gives me the opportunity to really be a great host, save someone some cash, and have some good times with friends. That said, I don't have many guests over.

I'm an American transplanted to Mexico City, and there are lot of circumstances, the biggest thing just being culture, that have helped me become much more welcoming and accepting of guests.

Life is short.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Rule for Guests: How many? How Long?
7/14/09 04:00 PM

I just have to say I´m over chandeliers.

I love love love old chandeliers, with that aged look. And that's it.

I was into the colored glass ones for a few days, but at this point - I am truly over the exotic variations.

That said - yeah, these do look pretty cool! Just too much for me though, when I voted the votes were 67 HOT, and 68 NOT - I broke the tie! At least for a moment;)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not: Melt Meee Chandeliers by Andromeda
6/17/09 10:24 PM

Heh.. I live in Mexico City, and this is the norm.

But it mostly happens in the daytime, shops tend to "reserve" parking spaces for employees or customers.

You see a lot of old chair, wooden crates and frequently wooden spools (for wire and cable) holding the parking spaces.

Since I don't have a car, I find it mildly amusing, but other people get outraged, understandably so.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 01:09 PM