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Beautiful, you guys!

I really like that you kept and worked with the dark old woodwork rather than paint it all white.

Superior color choices!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Suzanne and Joshua Prepare and Renovate! New York
1/21/09 12:16 PM

My living room is painted in a pink very similar to the first photo. It glows during the day from sunlight and incandesces at night from good artificial light.

It highlights every other color in the room without the starkness of bare white (as nice is that is sometimes) - black, white, apple green, and chocolate brown look particularly stunning with it.

Pink is flattering (like candlelight) to many people's skin tones, and it really helps my mood in the winter - especially in the frozen tundra where I live.

The dusty pink and peach and "mah colors are blush and bashful" 80's stuff is over.

If anyone is on the fence about it, I encourage you to try it!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pink Living Rooms
1/18/09 08:33 PM