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Beautiful apartment! Curious where the kitchen stools came from?

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
House Tour

12/1/11 08:59 PM

Beautiful place! Can you tell us where the floor mirror and table lamps in the bedroom came from?

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Karla's Asian Transitional Home
10/23/07 11:47 AM

Kurt -

Most magazines do let you cancel subscriptions anytime. They will refund you the cost of however many issues are left. It's a pretty painless process.

Blogging Domino: 08.07
7/23/07 09:22 AM

I, too, just flipped through this mag at the bookstore yesterday and found myself disappointed. Also a little annoyed that there seemed to be a lot of contradictory advice, which ended up confusing me more than helping.

And, yeah, what was up with the throw pillow poll? What exactly is so bad about using decorative pillows on the bed? I never heard of that being a point of controversy (60% or so designers said "no" to throws on the bed), and the ones that said "no" didn't really explain their reasoning.

Blogging Domino: 08.07
7/23/07 07:20 AM

"Yes, the network seriously lacks diversity. Yes, the recipes aren't usually very complicated. And yes, they don't go into a ton of detail. But what they provide is great for a lot of people out there."

Yes, that seems to be an argument Food Network proponents have made before. I understand where they're coming from and it's great to see that it has gotten a lot more people into the kitchen, but why not mix up some of the "lighter/beginners" shows with one or two more intellectual fares? So once they have people hooked on cooking, give them something to expand their knowledge/skills a bit more.

Or at least air some shows that are more focused on food than running competitions. My gracious, if anyone knows how to make a sport out of food, it's the Food Network.

I guess it can be argued, though, that there are other outlets for people once they have the basics down. However, it's still sad to see that the Food Network once actually featured some of those outlets, but they've all since been dumbed down. Kind of reminds me of the way AMC went...

As I'm sure you know already, good food doesn't have to be complicated or consist of 20 ingredients. Jacques Pepin's "Fast Food My Way" show is a perfect example of simple cooking demonstrated in an intelligent, informative way without the unnecessary fanfare. I mean, does it not insult your (that's a general "you") intelligence when Network stars feel like they have to use words like "Awesome!", "OUT OF THIS WORLD!", and "Jacked Up!" to reach out to people about food?

Btw, completely agree with your thoughts on Sandra Lee's show. But you can get only so much entertainment out of mocking her before getting frustrated with just how retarded her show is.

Next Food Network Star's Switcheroo
7/19/07 08:45 AM

Hi nattles,

Wow, thanks for the heads up! I'd hate to have spent $1,000 on a table then be constantly worried about scratches. so the finish problem pertained to just the Cyprus table? I'm surprised that if RB knows it has that problem they wouldn't have done something to fix it.

Flickr Finds: jchang9's Condo
7/19/07 07:18 AM

Hey AT,
Thanks for posting my pics! (I am "jchang9")

There's actually a little backstory on the credenza and buffet in my recent "Good Question" posted here regarding dining table choices.

We're going to pick up the china cabinet this weekend and may be able to get a bit more background on that from the sellers. It was part of a set that their parents owned.

We still have not bought the dining table. The one that was posted is a Craigs List find. I'm not sure if it's still available, as we saw it last week but haven't gotten back to the seller about whether we want it. I like the details on the side, but felt that it wasn't quite as formal of a table as I'd like. If I were still renting in an apartment, I'd definitely consider it. But I feel like now I'm ready for a more "grown up" table. Plus, I kind of prefer a darker stain so as not to get too matchy w/ the other pieces and the floor.

Crate and Barrel's Ovation got the most AT votes, but has since been taken down from CB's site, so they probably just discontinued it (what timing!). However, I think my bf and I are kind of partial to the CB Cabria. But then I just found this table from Room and Board. It's unfortunately double the price of the CB, but I wonder if the straight, tapered legs match better? Although, if it weren't for the matching issue, I prefer the slightly curved legs of the Cabria table...I think it makes it a little more interesting.

Our couch is being shipped this week and should hopefully arrive before next weekend. There's a little more info about that on our blog: I'm very excited, but also a little nervous that it will be OK. I didn't actually buy the pillows, but now am wishing I had considered that! The store owner was very pleasant to work with and sent me extra pictures and even a fabric swatch to help us get a better idea.

My bf is in love with the arc floor lamp, so that may be our next purchase for the living room.

Flickr Finds: jchang9's Condo
7/19/07 06:51 AM

Ugh...I have to say that as much as I love food and could dwell on it all day (and often do), I hardly ever watch the Food Network anymore.

It's just a lot of the SAME stuff over and over delivered by mostly uninteresting and over-the-top *personalities* who are often more interested in giving a performance than an intelligent/informative presentation on food and cooking. It just seems more about the hoopla than the food now (Sandra Lee, anyone?).

I've since switched to watching *real* cooking shows on PBS (New Scandinavian Cooking, Jacques Pepin, Rick Bayless, etc.). These are real chefs who actually know a thing or two about food and can teach about more than the same 3 or 4 obvious "tips" and facts they tend to repeat ad nauseam on "the Network" (like how it's important to salt pasta water and that saffron is way expensive).

The few times I've let myself watch some of this season's Food Network Star, I've been nothing but underwhelmed and unimpressed by these so called "cooks" (I wouldn't dream of referring to any of them as "chefs.")

And don't even get me started on the whole diversity issue. It seems like they're *trying* to get some more non-white/non-Italian cooking folks on air, but apparently they're not trying hard enough as you can see from the remaining contestants AND the past winners. They couldn't even keep Ming Tsai from drifting over to PBS.

There are so many other great food cultures out there...why is the FOOD Network still stuck in the American/Italian doldrums? I recently saw a commercial for some new show with a Latina woman, but her off-putting and, again, over the top, persona was enough to keep me uninterested.

The only thing I can stand to watch on Network anymore is Nigella's show. I can forgive myself b/c she's British. Oh, and Boy Meets Grill is still pretty decent as I like his recipes, but how arrogant can Flay get with his new "Throwdown" show?

Remember the good ol' days of "Two Fat Ladies," "Taste w/ David Rosengarten" (weird guy, but definitely knows his food), and even that show where some guy went around having meals w/ celebrities and talking food was kind of interesting?

Ahh...I could go on, but I think it's time to make dinner now.

Next Food Network Star's Switcheroo
7/17/07 03:54 PM

I'd also recommend USA Moving & Storage. A coworker recommended them after using them twice. And he found out about them through another friend's referral.

We used them to move from a 2-bed, 2nd floor apartment to our 3rd floor condo about a block away.

They arrived on time and got working ASAP. Rates were reasonable (about par w/ competitors). I could've gone with a cheaper company, but USA has an impeccable reputation on Angie's List as well as the BBB, so I went with them. They were careful about wrapping everything up. It took 4 guys about 3.5-4 hours to move our stuff.

Good Questions: Moving Company Suggestions
7/13/07 07:48 AM

Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

The floor and buffet are actually not as dark as they appear in this photo. I've uploaded some better pictures as well as a photo of the china cabinet on Flickr:

The votes seem to be close, with the Ovation and Cambria slightly edging out the others. I'm partial to the Cambria myself. Only downside is that it does not extend. However, I think it's fixed size would work well in the room. I like the color, too...not too dark or light. The Lyric is close to the Cambria, but I don't know about the slightly more curved legs...

I had debated about going with an oval shape before, but it's really hard to find decent oval tables! I like the Ovation, but wonder if the legs are too skinny?...

Also considered something not wood or w/ glass. Except I know how I hate keeping glass-tops clean...

On the other hand, it is a lot of wood...but I'm hoping a rug and some drapes and other decorative pieces will help mute that...

Has anyone had experience w/ Crate and Barrel tables? They seem pretty well-made/sturdy to me, and I've heard good things in the past about their furniture overall.

Good Questions: Choosing a Dining Table
7/11/07 09:39 AM

Hi Anne,

Yeah, I'm starting to come to the same conclusion myself after calling a few more places (including FedEx and UPS freight)...I did find a guy that does some furniture moves for Edgewater Antiques. I think the cabinet may be too big for his van, in which case I will be renting a ZipCar truck and maybe hiring him just for the labor and use of his moving equipment....

I didn't think of your idea of hiring two people in each location, though. That's a good idea. And yeah, now that I think of it, if it's just one piece of furniture, references probably don't matter. Just need someone with a strong back I suppose...


Open Thread 66
7/10/07 01:08 PM

MC, do you happen to still have the contact info or name of the people you used?

I did search under the moving section of Craigslist, but I'm not sure how much I trust some random person posting their services w/o any kind of reference....

Open Thread 66
7/10/07 11:58 AM

Can anyone recommend a good mover that will deliver single furniture pieces?

We just bought a china cabinet from someone out past Gurnee Mills and need to figure out a way to get it back to our place in the city.

I called a couple of moving companies, but their low quotes were around $300, which is more than we're paying for the cabinet!

I'm a bit apprehensive about just renting a truck and going out there ourselves b/c I have no idea how heavy this thing might be and we also would need to get it up 3 flights of stairs once we get it home.

Any suggestions??

Open Thread 66
7/10/07 09:13 AM

S in Chicago,

At Target we found a really useful stainless steel wire sponge holder that sticks to the side of your sink with rubber suction cups. We used to keep the sponge in a little dish by the sink, but this is much better.

The water just drips down into the sink and there's one less item to clutter the countertop.

Open Thread 65
7/2/07 01:50 PM

I heard that the Center for Green Technology for one day only will be selling $30 city-approved compost bins at their location on July 14. I believe the sale is from noon to 3 pm.

The Center is located at 445 N. Sacramento.

They're also very particular about that check policy. We went this weekend to get a rain barrel for our condo, but when we got there I realized I left my check book at home and they don't take cash, so we unfortunately left rain barrel-less

Get Your Rain Barrels from Greenmaker
7/2/07 01:43 PM

Has anyone ever hired a professional interior designer for any kind of work?

We had a consultation w/ someone at Urban Space (won a free hour through their raffle), and asked them to draft a proposal for if we hired them for more extensive work. We just moved into our new condo so we're pretty much starting from scratch as we want to replace our old apt furnishings.

The fee for just doing furniture layout for one room was $700, and that doesn't include any info about furniture selection, materials, styles, colors, etc. That would have to be done through separate hourly consultations as needed.

Or, they could come up with a design board for us to use as inspiration that would also cost just under $700.

I personally feel we'd get more for our money with a design board, as it's selecting all the pieces that's the hard part. We can always move furniture around ourselves to figure out layout. But then what if we don't like the design ideas they come up with? And that's still money that could be going towards actual furniture...

There's also the option of just continuing to use them on an hourly basis as needed....

Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has had this dilemma or has had good/bad experiences w/ designers.


Open Thread 65
7/2/07 08:10 AM

Hi Art,

Thanks for responding. That's a pretty cool idea about the community compost. Our neighborhood is actually in the process of building up a community garden a block away, so perhaps I could get in touch w/ their gardening committee and see if something could be arranged. Transporting the material could be a big hurdle, though, if they don't means of picking it up.

Good point about the mosquitos. I've seen at least one model that has some kind of protective covering against bugs. And looks like others let you hook up the barrel directly to a rain spout, so the standing water isn't open to the elements (and bugs). I haven't seen any in person yet, though, so still not 100% sure how they work. But I will keep this in mind as I continue my search.


Open Thread 63
6/22/07 11:33 AM

Inspired by all the recent "green" posts, I just proposed to our condo association the idea of adding a rain barrel and a compost bin.

Any tips on what to look for when buying either? Recommendations for brands/models?

Also, a few of the neighbors are concerned about the compost attracting rodents. Is this really a common problem or just a misconception? If it is a problem what are some ways to prevent unwanted critters?

Open Thread 63
6/22/07 07:40 AM

Wow, thanks AT! I really thought my question would be a long shot, but guess I underestimated the design acumen of AT members.

Now it's just a matter of finding something similar/used that's a tad closer to my price range...(Although I guess $1600 for a DWR couch is better than I anticipated...)

Good Question: Veet Commericial Furniture ID?
6/20/07 12:47 PM

How 'bout boyfriend's name got pulled from the fishbowl and we won one of their free hour consultations!

Thanks for the heads-up AT!

Our appointment is next Saturday morning, and we may request to extend it over an hour (paying for the extra time) if their recommendations seem good.

We just moved in to our first condo and are really excited to work on putting it all together. Will report back on how the consultation goes!

(P.S. The BF started a blog to showcase our transition if anyone's interested: Only 2 posts right now, but more to come soon.)

Urban Source Anniversary Offer
6/12/07 08:48 AM