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If you aren't handy enough to try to make it for yourself, you could have one made for much cheaper than any (less attractive and not the right style) alternatives online. Just take this picture to someone who does carpentry and ask them to make it for you. You can even tweak it to add more width or height, if you so desire.

Otherwise, I'd suggest you try to contact BH&G's Customer Service and ask if they can share the source of the one they show in the picture. You can reference the article on their site that features it here:

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2/10/09 01:46 AM

Mary, my little OCD heart weeps with desire.

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2/7/09 12:34 PM

My experiences with moving have been few (only two times, so far) and miserable, but I can make some suggestions based on the misery I (or someone close to me) experienced.

1. You have more stuff than you think you have. If you will be moving most of it yourself and you wish to make the job as quick and efficient as possible, pay the extra $ for the larger truck.

2. Put the largest items and boxes in first. You can fit in little stuff afterward.

3. Do not give beer to your crew unless every single item is safely inside your new home. Even if it is a hot day. (Most of you think this is obvious and I assure you that it isn't. *shudder* My friend's "good ol' boy husband thought a couple of gratutity Buds would be fine. Her china cabinet fell victim to a severe MUI violation.)

4. Be sure to pack up and hide away any and all small personal electronics. A kind "helper" from across the street helped herself to my music player and I didn't figure it out until I was in the new place and had no way of proving it.

5. Drink tons of water.

6. Use the bathroom often because of #5. because nothing good will come of you trying to juggle boxes while you do the "pee-pee dance".

7. Pack your lightbulbs ahead of time and have them packed away in your "open first" box. A few shoe boxes and a sheet of bubble wrap should do the job nicely.

8. Be sure there is a moving blanket between EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE.OF.FURNITURE. The worst possible scenario is more likely to happen in the back of that truck than the best possible version.

9. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have sheets of cardboard (slightly larger than the art within) sandwiching your paintings. Wrap the sandwich up with a load of packing tape. It makes it less likely that a random sharp corner or doorknob or some such can smack into the canvas as it is dragged/carried/pulled down a hallway. This may be a better use for some of the boxes that you can get from the grocery store that have weak joints and wouldn't be a good use for stuffing with stuff.

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1/28/09 04:04 AM

P.S. If you did happen to want a bust of Lincoln for the top of the safe or a shelf, you could have one for fairly cheap that would look cool in the room.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for the Penny Tiled Powder Room?
1/12/09 05:10 AM

I love this idea, teeze! I saw someone else's suggestion of the Mark Ryden print and decided to explore Etsy to see if any indie artists had Lincoln stuff... and there is one! Well, probably more than this one seller, but this person has a variety of Abe paintings.

They have a couple larger framed paintings for sale, but the ones that caught my eye were the small 4"x6" paintings that would fit in standard picture frames. This one ( ) would be especially cute. You could also potentially request a custom item (or three) from his profile.

As for the hardware of the faucet and the toilet tank handle, I recommend you go for the antique copper finish. This is also known as Red Oil Bronze. There is an ebay store that has good deals on a flusher and several styles of the lavatory faucets, depending on if you need the 8 inch or 4 inch version.

The flush handle:
( Auction item link: )

All of this store's faucets in the antique copper finish can be found here:

One that caught my eye as being especially cute for a powder room was this one.
( Auction item link: )

(For the pipe/wire on the bottom of the bowl connecting to the wall, I'd suggest just painting it with matching craft paint. It should work out just fine. Not having a bathtub or shower in the room eliminates the issues you'd have with humidity affecting the paint in a standard full bathroom.)

I love the idea of the old safe acting like a little side table in the space. On top of it you could place a basket for a couple of little hand towels and some soaps and such. This tiered basket is in the antique copper finish I suggested for the fixtures, so it would tie in nicely and you wouldn't have competing metal finishes.

( Basket item link: )

I'd keep the walls a creamy color to keep the small space open and allow a neutral canvas. You could even look into doing a brushed pearl finish on the walls. There is a very good product review with directions and pictures here:

Hope some of this inspires or helps you out! I got a bit obsessed and stuffed this comment full of an hour or so's worth of brain-storming and researching.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for the Penny Tiled Powder Room?
1/12/09 05:01 AM