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love everything, including them!

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/11/14 12:56 PM

I admire her daring approach but I agree that it does not do the original piece justice. And I really don't like the result, at all. But even though it might not be my taste, I enjoy seeing other people's work and effort. And you can tell she loves it and that's what counts most right?

Before & After: Karrie's Antique Dresser Rescue
1/26/14 11:11 AM

no way it's the view/angle. Those windows are closer. In the first picture the width of the bit in between is wider than the windows and in the after it's the other way around. Very weird before and after really.

Before & After: This London Renovation Flip Gets Fresh
12/19/13 02:22 PM

It sounds a bit like Muji, but bigger? I hope they are coming to the Netherlands soon too!!

\"Japanese Ikea\" Aki-Home Opens First US Stores in Orange County Design News 11.14.13
11/14/13 01:27 PM

obviously a remarkable transformation! However, I would have left out the rug too. Also, I would have kept the wall in a more toned down colour and maybe would have put up a single large mirror or painting. I do love the fabric on the bench and the pillows. They work great together!

Before & After: Plain Jane Entryway Now Pops with Pattern & Color
11/12/13 01:10 PM

I love it when a used piece gets a new life like this! Personally I would have painted it but that's maybe because the grey finish on wood has been done here a lot.

Before & After: Claire's Childhood Dresser Grows Up
11/8/13 01:02 PM

In about every contemporary designed home in Holland ;-) It was the trend for many many years. You'd love it. Check Riviera Maison. It's a Dutch furniture and home&living company and they used it a lot.

Before & After: Claire's Childhood Dresser Grows Up
11/8/13 01:01 PM

lovely! What kind of view do you have?

Andrea's Teeny Tiny Hong Kong Home House Call
10/31/13 07:20 AM

I like it, but would have liked to see a more classical approach. The sofa deserves that. I am not sure about the white legs for instance. Maybe they could've been kept wood, or black? Then a slightly lighter fabric.

Before & After: A Heavenly Henredon
10/29/13 12:04 PM

I love it. It's a splurge well worth it. The story alone is worth 2k! It looks great too!

Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
10/18/13 08:41 AM

Slightly more expensive alternative.
Remove kitchen and create a smaller bedroom there. Then move kitchen to new right wall of small bedroom. The open space is still large enough for a dining room set and sitting area. You can now keep the triangular closet also.

How To Convert 640SF Apartment to a 2-Bedroom? Good Questions
4/8/13 08:58 AM

Get rid of the triangular shaped closet by the bathroom. Then at about 8 feet from that wall between bathroom and living room to about 8 feet towards the window create a new wall lining up with the bathroom wall. It will meet the black square wall thingy by the balcony in the lower right corner. The closed of room can be the baby room. To allow light from seeping through maybe put in glass in the top end of the walls at above door height. You now have a separete sitting area by the bathroom door, and a large dining area still in the kitchen.

How To Convert 640SF Apartment to a 2-Bedroom? Good Questions
4/8/13 08:56 AM

I love this post. The two are so similar yet so much different in price!

One Design, Two Budgets: Swank 70s Living Room
4/3/13 02:29 PM

Runwithscissors was on to something. Would the long end of the bed fit the wall of the closet space opposite the bathroom door? You'd likely still have enough room to get in the bathroom. Alternatively; splash out a little and have somebody move the sink to the opposite wall and create a door where the sink is now. The bed then goes in the nook where the bathroom door is. By putting three identical bookshelves on either side of the new bathroom door, and on the short bit of wall where now is the short cabinet, you make that entire wall flow as one, acting as an architectural structure between living room and bathroom and bedroom. Make sure they are high, as far to the ceiling as possible or budget allows (Billy's from Ikea are great for this) You now have the entire kitchen and living room to go wild with a small table (not just a bar) and a sofa. You might even consider putting the fridge by the actual kitchen and then restoring the closet to it's once full glory. This will also allow you to get a bigger table as the wall where the fridge is now, will be closed off again. Good luck! The space has great bones!

How To Lay Out Space in a Teeny Tiny Studio? Good Questions
2/25/13 01:14 PM

Anything happening in New Orleans from December 25 to New years? We are swapping homes with people then. They'll be in our Amsterdam home.

The Weekend Guide: December 14, 2012 National, Local & Online Sales and Events Calendar
12/14/12 12:36 PM

Oh oh... am I the only one who doesn't like it that much? It looks great, don't get me wrong. But I feel it no longer has the class it had before.....

Before & After: Rescuing a Battered Buffet Uniquely Yours...Or Mine!
4/19/12 10:41 AM

What a lovely home! I absolutely love how you managed to give it a feel of an era more than a look. Some of the accessories and furniture are timeless, other a dearing 'are we sure we are ready for this being back in vogue'. With the almost Golden Girls-esque stools by the bed as a perfect example. Just lovely.

Margaret & Jill's Lovely Elegant Apartment House Tour
4/9/12 02:27 PM

what a shame of that old dresser! Not sure I like this too much.....

Before & After: Ben's One-of-a-Kind Wallpapered Dresser
3/15/11 04:16 PM

We have tons of them around the house too. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/boston/house-tours/dave-pieters-thrift-store-chic-house-call-114347

Instant Decorating: Add an Orchid
12/20/10 06:14 AM

That bassin/sink (sorry, English is not my first language) is very nice! And I really like the clean white look. Maybe I would've left a bath in though, but that's because I myself love baths.....

Before & After: Edgaroso's Brave Bathroom Renovation
11/24/10 03:08 AM