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$800 for a rusty old coat hanger & scraps from a college ceramic studio?

LoL, yeah right.

All Grown Up: Mobiles for Adults
2/8/13 07:10 PM

when I was a kid learning to make jewelry, the called it "fishing wire." now I'm learning to make mobiles, and they call it "jeweler's string." hmm.

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not martha

12/8/11 10:32 PM

it never fails to amuse me how many people with bad/obvious/pointless advice will post simply to "hear themselves talk."

yes, opening windows is great advice, but I'm sure you've already tried that.

Go to Sally's beauty supply and pick up salon strength air fresheners. The ones that are solid gels in plastic tubs that you unscrew the cap off of work REALLY well at eliminating all odors, especially chemical-y ones. I've been using them in my studios & tiny 1-bedrooms for years next to my cat litter box, and they also do a great job at eliminating cigarette smoke, leftover odors from cooking, "musty" old carpet/old building smells, and various other smells that cramped, old buildings are cursed with.

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Good Questions

3/28/11 04:49 PM

wow! i've been to a few of the studio apartments in marina, and never saw anyone make such excellent use of the space! your balcony is gorgeous, though i'm surprised the furniture doesn't blow right off, with the chicago winds! haha!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Finalist - Stephanie's Life of Pie
1/13/09 03:59 AM

oh wow! the shoe factory lofts in old town? a coworker of mine lives there. great space! great job decorating!

-a fellow chicagoan

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Semi-Finalist #1: Michael and Mindy's Urban Modern
1/12/09 03:32 AM