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$4,600. We just got a new ribbed steel roof installed on our house in north Florida.
It's a fairly small house (around 1,000 sqft), with a simple gable roof. All the roofers said it was "ideal" for using metal.
Actually I got several quotes for having it done - between $3500-$4600 for an asphalt shingle roof, and $4600-$5600 for metal.

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5/19/14 08:44 AM

Hello! My husband and I bought a foreclosure house in Florida last year. The previous owner was upset about losing the house and decided to trash the place - they broke every single window! Fortunately they were horrible 70s aluminum single-pane windows so I didn't feel bad about replacing them. We paid $2500 for 14 double pane vinyl windows (30"x 60") and installed them ourselves in a day.
I got several quotes from contractors - all around $6000 for them to do it.

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1/26/14 10:23 PM

Wow this house is gorgeous! Also I LOVE the kitchen backsplash tile (Where did you get it?)
I love seeing people's renovation projects turn out so well!

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8/7/13 09:06 AM

Buy the house.
Asbestos siding in good shape is no cause for alarm - I wouldn't worry about it at all. As others have mentioned, different asbestos products have different levels of health risk, and siding is a product with extremely low risk of causing health issues, even during the removal process when/if it gets broken.
I would ask for a reduction in price from the seller, just because it makes for good negotiating leverage.
Historically asbestos was used in a variety of building materials because it is fire-resistant, has some insulating properties, and is quite durable.
Honestly, it's one of the best siding materials available!
In comparison, cedar shake will have to be replaced every 10-20 years, repainted every 5 years, has a tendency to rot and warp, is quite flammable, and termites find it delicious. Not so with asbestos siding.

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5/1/13 10:11 AM