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I honestly think any color, as long as its not too pale, works great with B/W art. I agree with PP in saying that its more about placement. Try to keep the picture in scale with the furniture below it, group similar b/w art, or use similar frames for a cohesive look....or just put it in the natural focal point of the room. You have a wealth of options, so pick a color and have fun!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Colors to Work Well with Black & White Photo? Good Questions#comments#comments#comments
8/21/09 07:53 PM

While I'm a big fan of books and open shelving, I think in your particular case, its the open shelves that actually contribute to the visual overload. Perhaps putting doors on those shelves?

Or, you could put away some of the books, saving only those of the same color so that you could stack them in various heights on different shelves? (i.e., do stacks in black, gray, tan-the main colors in your living room, with accent stacks of green & yellow books.) Couple that with your existing decor items should keep the eye moving without overloading it, with zero cost! =)

Best of luck to you!

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7/20/09 04:31 PM

Well, if Miami isn't too far for you, there is a place across the street from me called Loft Sofas. (Road trip!) You can find them online. The couches are comfortable, very stylish and have beds built into the chaise lounge. As soon as we pay off the move to Florida, thats where we will be buying our furniture.

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1/10/09 07:20 PM