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I love the classics. I want to see Lion vs. Unicorn. I still think the Unicorn would win!

Epic Animal Battles: Who Would You Like To See Duke It Out?
5/3/13 01:41 PM

IMO, the freshest take on the partridge since...the Partridge Family!

Jeff's Bright & Organized Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/19/13 07:09 PM

Yes, yes, yes! this apartment has "it!" Ms Veena, I hope you take this. You're apartment has such personalilty and you are not afraid of mixing it up.

Veena's Small & Sunny Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/19/13 07:06 PM

Very nice.

Blogging... HOME magazine Jan/Feb 2008
12/29/12 06:28 PM

Good idea.

Another Mirror in the Dining Area
12/29/12 06:24 PM

I love the blue walls and of the course the italian greyhounds.

Andrew & Paul's Boys, Blues and Kennel Club
House Tour

12/22/12 07:39 PM

I would love a row of these in my front hall.

Best in Show: Stephanie Munson and Bruce Tharp
11/28/12 09:42 PM

Awesome job! I love the greys but then you add yellow and then blue...and I love it more!

James' Seattle Apartment With NYC Style House Tour
11/28/12 09:42 PM

The coffee table is perfect....and its the perfect scale.

Before & After: Small Space, Big Changes The Sweeten
11/15/12 04:23 PM

I love the natural surfaces with the original apartments. The gold mirror and the wall colors. Good luck to a pretty family.

Julie & Jesper's Musical
Scandi-Canadian Nest House Tour

8/25/12 02:45 PM

Wonderful! I love the art and the color combinations.

House Tour: Bradley's South Africa Transplanted
New York

8/25/12 02:42 PM

Oh and use lots of white. Look up Raina and Robert's Farmhouse makeover for some inspiration:)

How To Do Primary-Color Scheme without Looking Childish? Good Questions
8/23/12 01:05 PM

Nice apartment and lovely family.

Zev & Michal's Bold, Bright City Condo House Tour
8/23/12 12:41 PM

One tip would be to use one primary in its pure state and use muted shades of the other two. You have blue already so maybe lemon and brick?

How To Do Primary-Color Scheme without Looking Childish? Good Questions
8/23/12 12:16 PM

I really like the nesting tables....and he's not too bad looking either.

Designer Portfolio: Paul Loebach
Inside Man

8/4/12 09:28 PM

Nice deskspace and cool art.

Sean Yashar's Think Pad
House Tour

8/3/12 11:53 AM

I like it because its a non-traditional pattern on a traditional sofa. The pattern repeat breaks across the entire couch and is not limited to custion, backing etc. I think piping could be used but that would alter the feeling of the couch receeding into the print. I really like it.

Oh Dear! Before & After of An Unexpected Upholstery Project Design*Sponge
8/2/12 10:13 AM


Making Pink Feel Modern
8/1/12 04:17 PM

I love the green couch and the collection of white vases.

Roger's Carefully Curated London Home House Tour
7/30/12 09:46 PM

I suggested Amulet. I think it has the nicest contract against the pinkish reds. Also, the artwork looks fabulous agains it.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
10 Paint Possibilities

7/24/12 03:01 PM