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Wash towels after every use? I can't think of a bigger waste of water. Here in California, it's illegal for hotels to do this without offering guests the option of re-using their towels.

Not only is this post neurotic and pointless, but it's ecologically irresponsible (which is odd, given that most of AT posts are the opposite).

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7/24/09 01:40 PM

OMG! a) I can't believe you're getting rid of your record collection, and b) pleasepleaseplease let me have them.

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6/25/09 02:13 PM

I use a blowtorch! It's a lot faster and easier than the grill or gas burner, but a creme brulee torch would also work. After charring, throw them in a brown paper grocery bag to steam, then use a kitchen towel to rub the skins off. Running them under water makes them watery and bland, and it's more wasteful than just using a towel.

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1/9/09 02:26 PM