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The wood in different instruments serves different purposes. The job of the wood in an electric job is be as heavy and dense as possible so that the sound of the strings reflect off of it. The wood in an acoustic guitar forms a chamber, so that the sound waves of the string reverberate in the chamber, so the wood and strings together make the sound.
That's why it doesn't hurt an inexpensive piano or an electric guitar to paint it. A high-quality acoustic guitar or professional-grade piano have wood selected for its acoustic properties (babinga wood has special qualities and is used in high-end drums, etc.) The wood is also shaped more carefully to create the best acoustic reflections from the sound source.
If you and/or your audience can't hear the difference, though, that's great! Paint away and pound the keys like Jerry Lee Lewis and pass the tequila!

Before & After: Colorful Piano Makeover East Coast Creative
8/5/13 04:31 PM

Oh, now I see it. It's visible in the second shot.

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 08:07 PM

I was hoping for a picture of the Absolut Vodka collection. Is it in one of the pictures and I'm just not seeing it?

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 08:06 PM

My bathroom has very bad air circulation; mold grows on everything.
I use a tension rod across my shower stall. I hang shower curtain hooks from it. I dispense my shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc. into smaller bottles. I wrap them with rubber bands and loop a rubber band to hang each one from its own hook. My facial brush already has a loop. I use rubber bands for razors, etc. My squeegee even hangs there. I squeegee every surface before I step out of the shower.

Everything is in easy reach, air circulates, mold doesn't form, and my cleaning routine is drastically shortened.

Tension Rod: http://bit.ly/SopEJd
Shower Curtain Hooks: http://bit.ly/U80u6N

Everything in Its Place: 8 Shower Caddies
11/3/12 06:27 PM

I think if I tried this I might hot-glue lath on either side to guide the roller so I got a straight vertical path. I'd do alternate columns the first weekend, then remove the lath and let the paint dry. Then I'd repeat the process the following weekend.
It's the only way I can imagine getting true vertical columns.

DIY Idea: Paint Roller Printed Walls The Painted House
11/2/12 07:14 PM

Gift card to my favorite coffee shop, or yours. In LA, people don't visit each other's homes that much. We usually meet at coffee shops. Getting gift cards at holiday time makes it more affordable to schedule visits on a tight budget.

Tell Us...What Green Gifts Are On Your Wishlist? Apartment Therapy Ultimate Gift Guides 2012
11/1/12 04:28 PM

Piling up stuff to give to charity and leaving it in a big pile by the door for-ev-er. And batteries to recycle, too.
I should be working on this? Oh. I guess you're right.

What's Your Bad Habit at Home?
9/21/12 11:36 PM

@Rural and Rueful "...asthma is flailing up..." I got a really funny picture in my head. Thanks for the laugh!

How To Fight Gross Mold and Mildew? Good Questions
9/20/12 10:53 PM

Might have been fun to imitate the original. Paint it black, use gold on the routed design.

Before & After: A Dorothy Draper-Inspired Chest
9/20/12 10:50 PM

@Torrilin: I think the point of the chest's use in the Chinoiserie post had more to do with the overall styling of a space with references to Chinoiserie, rather than with representing spot-on elements of Chinoiserie. After all, as someone pointed out recently, a lot of us who read Apartment Therapy live in apartments and have apartment-size budgets for things like large furniture items. Someone in the comments to that post pointed out that the green chest is a campaign chest. That might have prompted today's post.

Design Classics: Campaign Chests
9/20/12 07:45 PM

If I am alone, comfy shorts/jammie pants/cute undies and an undershirt/tank/tee, depending on the temperature. I keep more presentable pants and a cardigan on the bed in case the doorbell rings.

If my S.O. is with me, (one weekend every other month due to work constraints right now) no clothes unless I have to go outside. We both like a lot of skin-to-skin contact and cuddling.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/19/12 05:00 PM

The leg-shaped scissors are a little creepy. Love the Wicked Step Scissors.
The gold-dipped Owl scissors made me remember my pretty stork embroidery thread scissors.
My most prized scissors are the gorgeous sterling silver ones that are made for clipping baby fingernails and toenails. Perfect for embroidery!

Good Design, Everyday Objects: Scissors
9/19/12 04:51 PM

@Griffin -- [deep bow and tip of the hat in admiration]

Katie Deedy: How To Ice Your Iced Coffee Apartment Therapy Videos
9/18/12 02:32 PM

I like this quite a lot. I might try covering the back board with thin batting and white linen so I could, for example, sew some great vintage buttons I own so they're centered, or pin the peppermint candy so it hangs vertically. There's an adorable one-year-old in my building who would LOVE this.

How To Make an Alphabet Shadow Box
9/18/12 02:29 PM


Getting Organized: The Big Picture
9/18/12 02:21 PM

"might certainly"? Maybe for sure!

Artist Laura Hughes' 550 sq. ft. Live/Work Studio Lifework
9/17/12 10:23 AM

One's copyright is the right to control who can make copies of an original work. The moment an original work is created, the creator owns the copyright. In order to protect ownership, a wise creator immediately registers his or her copyright -- the best way to do that is to go to the Library of Congress website and follow their directions.
It is not a copywrite, nor does a work get copywritten. It is a copyright, evidence of which is registered.
Whether one registers evidence of the creation of an original work or not, one always has the right to put the small c-with-a-circle mark with owner's name and the year after it on every representation of the work, which is considered legal notification of the owner's intent to protect his/her copyright. Unauthorized use of anything with a copyright mark (or even the phrase "copyright AT 2012") is punishable by law and copious fines.

How To Upcycle Cheap Chests? Good Questions
9/15/12 09:58 AM

Look up images of Burano, Italy for pictures of houses with shared facades painted up to the line of ownership. It's really beautiful. This reminds me of those houses.
À chacun son goût.

Before & After: Erin's Painted House 110 + 2
9/15/12 09:50 AM

Re: Edwardian or Victorian -- Edwardian stained glass windows were more geometrical and less floral, with color palettes that were less brightly colored. That's a huge generalization, of course, but with only one window as a clue, it's hard to tell what style the house is.
Whatever style the house is, the kitchen was no particular style at all, and decrepit besides, so congratulations to Victoria for getting the kitchen and bath she wanted!

Before & After: Updating a Victorian Kitchen (and Bathroom)
9/14/12 05:28 PM

DRAGYNPHYR nailed it.

How To Upcycle Cheap Chests? Good Questions
9/14/12 02:32 PM