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I´d love to learn how to make beer and cider!

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5/24/13 01:58 PM

Atol! This is what my (Guatemalan) childhood was all about! (Please note there is no -e at the end of atol, just like a Central American guacamol is written sans -e). We would drive up to a church on Sunday afternoons (any church, I was raised atheist) and we'd bring a plastic pitcher to fill up (there were hygiene concerns regarding the use of the atol stand's ceramic mugs which strangely enough didn't apply to the enormous vat that held the atol). Yum yum!

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7/13/09 07:21 PM

Poutine rocks! I concur with angorian, there should've been an honourable mention of poutine in the post. Mmmm, I'm off to have poutine-ridden daydreams!

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5/5/09 12:55 PM

I love spontaneous dinner parties! We usually throw in a spur-of-the-moment theme that makes it totally doable and loads of fun. Among our faves: the always well-received sandwich party (we set out a spread of meats, cheeses, breads, and condiments, you do the rest), the salad party (because who can't throw together a bunch of salads), the finger food fiesta (also quite easy and delish), the make-your-own pizza party and the now classic fresh spring-roll party (same DIY philosophy). It's always a treat to cook/prep with friends so I never cringe at the thought of a spontaneous dinner party. The cringing only happens when I realize that the fridge is totally empty and I've got under two hours to get my act together, but then again I'm at my best under stress, teehee!

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3/27/09 10:48 AM

My mother is from a small coastal town in Central America that prides itself on its pineapples. My grandmother would always say that you could tell a townsperson by the way they cut the pineapple: holding it by the stem/leafy bit and taking a machete to the rest of it. Needless, to say few of us have a machete laying around in our kitchen these days, but I, like sally599 and my grandmother, find it useful to leave the stem 'til last. It makes for a good handle.

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1/30/09 07:48 PM

I agree with mschateilane, Korean metal chopsticks are quite the challenge! Particularly because they're quite heavy, stainless steel is super slippery and their 'gauge' is more rectangular than square. It's well worth it though, all for the love of Korean bbq.

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1/13/09 12:04 PM

Baking soda - my mother swears by it. No more than 1/8 of a teaspon for a large pot of beans. I grew up on a Central American diet (read: black beans every day) and I never really had any issues until my diet changed (moving to Canada will do that to you) but I found that once I got back into the habit of eating lots of beans, my problems disappeared (thank you, meat-reduced rich-in-beans diet!). Moral of the story: introduce beans slowly into your diet and your digestive track will thank you, and so will your significant other(s).

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1/9/09 09:37 AM