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My favorite is the butcher block but I know I would have a hard time keeping it looking clean. I work with far too many staining food products. I guess theoretically it could be sanded down and re-oiled if a really bad burn or stain occurred.

Tired of Granite? 8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider
2/12/14 12:32 PM

I realized I'm either bipolar or just totally screwed. I like Alexander McQueen, Gaultier, and Rick Owens and I'd like my friends to view my home as "minimalist". Oh yeah, and there is almost nowhere in any home past or present that I ever liked, aside from the playhouse (where we made mudpies and ran around naked). Hmmmmm.

Day 1: Complete the Style Cure Interview Apartment Therapy Style Cure
8/1/13 08:38 PM

Boo hoo, I invited my closest friends and none of them could come! I suspect one of them is watching the Stuporbowl that day, hmmmm. Maybe I will just make brunch for my boyfriend instead. He doesn't notice if the house looks good though. :(

Day 7: Get Your Get-Together Together - Date, Guests, Invites Apartment Therapy January Cure - Day 7
1/10/13 01:54 PM

So excited! I love doing the Cure, and missed it the last couple of years, so my house really needs it, especially with two cats and a techie boyfriend.

Join Us & Get Organized in 2013:
The January Cure

1/2/13 12:51 PM

I put packing cubes and running socks on my gift list. I don't know if anyone will get them for me, but I hope so! I kind of prefer buying my own luxury items...

Styles Of Giving: The Practical Gift
12/18/12 05:17 PM

I love reading but I only keep my visual books and reference books (and out of print books). All other books go. iPad/kindle is a great way to store books you want to access but aren't "special".

A Bookworm's Dilemma: Ditch Books When Downsizing?
1/24/12 03:21 PM

I love seeing what other people pack, almost to the point of obsession! I love that you brought 6 dresses. Dresses are my western hemisphere travel uniform too (not so good traveling in the East though). I never have to think about whether the top matches the bottom. Like HSOJ, I just travel with an iPad now. I also bring a chamois towel, and a miniature first aid kit that fits in an Altoid tin. I buy all my shampoos and toiletries at my destination but usually have a bottle of Dr. Bronners as backup.

Well Designed Travel: How to Pack Lightly
aka Fitting Everything I Need for 3 Months Into 2 Bags!

1/24/12 02:01 PM

I really do love it. The living room is gorgeous. And the floor, and the big ass windows. And the Togo. And I hate them for having it. ;)

Sam & Anne's Colorful Modern Mix
House Tour

1/20/12 10:36 PM

I love this idea! Agree, very J Peterman, which used to be my favorite catalog growing up.

Clothes as Art: Your Favorites, Immortalized in Watercolor
1/12/12 05:35 PM

Oooh, I want. For all my San Francisco scarves.

Vintage Mail Sorter Turned Mudroom Organizer

1/12/12 05:34 PM

So super awesome. I wonder how it would fare in USA though, with our crappy building construction, seems drywall screws would not be enough to support the weight of a small person.

Buskas Indoor Climbing Tree
1/12/12 05:33 PM

Still looks a little "mature" but definitely an improvement. Bring back the plant though please.

Before & After: From 1991 to 21st Century Dining Room
1/12/12 05:31 PM

One of the most interesting posts ever! Seriously! Very cool to know the history and see those exquisite pieces of, dare I say, art.

Fork This: A Quick History of Forks

1/12/12 01:25 PM

(i should have said buen viaje y buena suerte, but I was stuck on Paris).

Well Designed Travel: We're Making a Home on the Road
1/11/12 09:24 PM

I was hoping this post was going to be accompanied by a photo of a modded out Airstream. ;) Anyway, bon voyage et bon chance!

Well Designed Travel: We're Making a Home on the Road
1/11/12 09:23 PM

I love the cozy yellow 100x more than the white, and I don't even like yellow! Also it doesn't help that the "white" (grey?) picture is of very low quality, so you can't see the details in the items in the room, and there is way too much contrast, so you can't see the warmth of that beautiful floor or the colorful ottoman thingee. Run-on sentence I know. Anyway, it's always fun to change up paint in a room and if it makes you happy, then all the better!

Making a Change: What A Difference Paint Makes
1/9/12 09:41 PM

Usually one really bad day in January will prompt me to book a flight to Mexico in February or March. Then I look forward to that all winter and it keeps me going.

How Do You Beat The Winter Blues at Home?
1/8/12 11:04 PM

I always like orange, though this one seems a little saturated and too reddish for my tastes, but it's still pretty (just not for my house). This may sound awful but I usually use the color of the year as my clue what NOT to buy, hehe.

Designer's Palette: Using 2012's Color of the Year at Home
1/3/12 02:10 PM

I like these lists as a guideline for me to extrapolate upon. I have a suggestion for the people with kids. If your kids can walk and talk, they can help out. I think it's a good idea to get them used to responsibility of cleaning/helping out early on. If more people did this, we wouldn't end up with so many partners/spouses who have absolutely NO CLUE how to clean or tidy up.

BTW, It takes me about 1 minute to mop my kitchen floor. I have one of those swiffer things, and I refill it with diluted Dr. Bronners soap and use microfiber cloth that I can throw in the washing machine when they're too dirty.

How To Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days
1/3/12 12:17 AM

the word "gypsy" used to mean "from Egypt" and is considered a racial slur. That doesn't stop me from using it lovingly if generically. I love the "gypsy" look and lifestyle. The photo is beautiful.

The New Gypsies by Iain McKell
12/20/11 07:09 PM