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I am fortunate to have my niche facing W.C. Fields in The Great Mausoleum on Holly Terrace, Columbarium of Nativity. My mother is currently inurned in the niche. I have been going to Forest Lawn since February, 1973. I bought my niche in 1983. I also own 3 marble statues, 1 bronze statue, 2 bronze cenotaphs, and 2 marble benches in The Great Mausoleum. My name appears 8 times including 2 signatures in the mausoleum, more than any one else. My license plate is MOZLEUM, and the front holder says: "I'm on loan from the wall of The Great Mausoleum". I really get into my mausoleum!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Forest Lawn Memorial Park
1/8/09 07:54 PM