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I'd love to know where that wall decal came from. If it is a wall decal?

James' Modern Safari Room Professional Project
12/10/13 05:30 PM

Children are not materialistic by nature. They are artists, scientists, explorers. They have the ability to breathe new life into a room in ways that furniture never can. Way to go Mama for showing your children your own creativity. :)

Before & After: From Scribbles to a Clever Surprise
11/23/13 12:59 PM

I'm currently raising a baby in a Vancouver rental apartment. So far so good. Of course baby (Eleanor) doesn't know any different. Her backyard has several hundred beautiful (organic) city parks, beaches, forests, etc.

We decided from pregnancy to tell our relatives not to buy us any baby furniture or toys. That certainly helped. And I smile politely whenever someone says "you MUST buy a baby swing! I don't know what I would have done without one!"

Raising a Baby in a NYC Apartment... Annals of Advertising
4/30/13 01:00 PM