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As far as Portland goes, there are much, much cooler spots than SE Division :) Kind of random. But nice to see Portland in here!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Shopping Portland's SE Division Oregon Home
1/15/09 07:47 PM

My goodness, I'm new to this blog and love it - but wow, the amount of negative responses is a bit much. Come on people, seriously?

I think it looks GREAT. I haven't had carpet in a bathroom before, but it's a cool idea and clearly it's been done before with some amount of success. It's not like this is permanent, if it really does start to get gross you can just take it out - that's the whole point, it's temporary and cheap!

Also, didn't anyone read? This is vinyl bathroom carpet - it's not like they used the same stuff that's meant for your bedroom! I think it'll be just fine.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Bathroom Carpeting: Temporary Alternative to Replacement Flooring
1/8/09 03:27 PM