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Lisa Bengtsson wallpaper... droool!

Bold Patterns & GraphicsBest of 2009 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/30/09 01:32 PM

Rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a bruise makes the discoloration fade quickly.

7 Ways to Reuse a Banana Peel | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/30/09 01:29 PM

Besides being relatively slug-less, another delightful thing about good ole Austin, Texas is that we have a minute amount of mesquitoes. Our thriving bat population won't allow it. Now if only the bats had a taste for cockroaches....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Slugs!
5/5/09 04:00 PM

GREAT post! I have been meaning to look up several of the links you provided; thanks so much for making it easier to make my life easier! Haha.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Spring Cleaning: Decluttering Your Life
5/5/09 03:52 PM

I love the idea to use these as wall decor. I'm particularly drawn to the oval-shaped portraits... and as far as "reposting" goes, I don't find it offensive at all when the original post was uninformative/non-descript and showed only a fraction of the work! Thanks, Jessica!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Whimsical Trays from Ibride
2/13/09 01:58 PM

The flooring choice and the living roof design are incredible. I can't wait to see the inside of the store...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | West Elm Going "Green" in Emeryville
2/10/09 04:49 PM

I come to AT for the inspiration to transform the mundane or "oft-overlooked" into something aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. There are posts that surprise me and provide a spark of "aha!" that fuels the creation of my own spin on the topic. Jessica's post is one of those, and I can't wait to read more from her.
(Ahem, the visual parallels she drew between the tiled wall and the living area? Brilliant. With or without that elusive "L"!)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Commuter Décor
1/8/09 12:51 PM