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1/19/11 09:17 AM

Come on, no one can possibly "like" how knotted up drapes look. That's ridiculous. They're drapes. They hang.

The Real Vertical House Gets A Facelift | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/25/10 05:23 PM

I just realized something. The Homies and this contest have produced the most spammy blog content of the year. For two solid weeks each year, design bloggers become competitive and generic (vote! vote! vote!).

Maybe we can stop with the competitive stuff and go back to being supportive and enthusiastic?

Sunday Night Football Decor Madness Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/26/10 05:40 PM

This really wasn't necessary, was it? I can't believe anyone is grubbing for votes. I assumed it was a friendly competition between professionals.

Sunday Night Football Decor Madness Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/25/10 07:19 AM

Pepper works. You can buy a canister of a certain kind made just to repel squirrels and other critters at the hardware store.

I'm cool with squirrels, I just don't like them in my bird feeders, scaring away the song birds.

Apartment Therapy DC | Squirrel and Neighbor Dilemma
4/24/09 06:31 PM

I feel like I'm reading The Emperor's New Clothes. Some nice pieces, but I agree that it's uninspiring.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Nate Berkus' Other Apartment Elle Decor
3/18/09 01:28 PM

All of my stuff is in shadow boxes hung on one short wall.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Do You Organize Accessories?
3/17/09 02:53 PM

Honestly, the half flush is completely sufficient. I used a dual flush when I studied abroad and we even have them in the local Pet Smart (I'm not a huge fan of chain pet stores, but they get a nod for that move).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Understanding High-Efficiency, Dual Flush Toilets
3/12/09 07:29 PM

I wanted a dual flush, but the options weren't attractive and didn't fit into my budget when I was remodeling. I've since found this kit that can be used to make a regular toilet into a dual flush, but have wondered how well it works. Has anyone ever used it?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Understanding High-Efficiency, Dual Flush Toilets
3/12/09 11:37 AM

I painted my laundry closet pale pink a few weeks ago. With one wall of pink up, I thought it looked great. With four walls of pink up, it looked terrible. TERRIBLE! It was like a cave...a glowing, candy cave. I immediately mixed up a new color and painted it a sunny, pale yellow.

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy: Unexpected Color
3/10/09 01:14 PM

I had such an absolutely terrible experience with The Tile Shop that I will never step foot in one again. My experience was so negative that I wrote to corporate and they didn't respond. Instead, they passed my letter to the store manager who was the subject of the letter!

In a nutshell: what is on display and what are sold as sample tiles ( does not match the quality of what is delivered in some cases ( Open every single box before you leave the store if you order from them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Grand Opening: The Tile Shop
2/27/09 01:00 PM

By the way, I just read one of the linked articles and the developer was denied the same building variance that was given to other homeowners in the neighborhood. I completely understand his frustration.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Tall, Thin, Available (House) in Clarendon, Virginia
2/23/09 03:39 PM

There are homes in Detroit that are on the MLS for $1000! The market is terrible there.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Houses Under $6,000 This Old House
2/23/09 03:35 PM

I'm a huge fan of oddly tiny homes. Isn't there one over in Old Town that's something like 6 feet wide that was made out of an alley many years ago because a home owner didn't like carriages driving between the houses? I love it.

In a world where space is becoming a premium, there is something a bit charming about not taking up space. While to original intent wasn't exactly positive, I think the message of this little house can be positive.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Tall, Thin, Available (House) in Clarendon, Virginia
2/23/09 03:28 PM

Life is too short to use bad grammar.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Trending: Jillian Kogan Los Angeles Artist
2/13/09 05:12 PM

What can we do to help AT DC? Do you want more tours? Store recommendations?

I noticed that another blog profiled Oh a Whim, an antique store near Lucketts, just a few hours before this was posted. I wasn't going to say anything...just imagined it was a slow design news day in the District and you all needed some ideas.

Instead of complaining, I thought I'd be a little productive and ask what sorts of posts we could help with.

Apartment Therapy DC | The Old Lucketts Store and Design House Vintage Hip
2/13/09 05:10 PM

I saw this in Blueprint a few months back and I love the idea!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inger's Paper-Covered Clipboard Grocery List Holder
2/9/09 10:43 PM

Having lived in Brookline, TOH is pretty revered. I hated watching it, but my father loved it and would call us in to see things. it took 20 years for me to appreciate that show.

I loved the Newton season, but the Brookly brownstone this year is going to be awesome!

Apartment Therapy Boston | What Does PBS' This Old House Mean to You?
2/7/09 03:20 PM

I got rid of mine because they needed so much tweaking and iRobot's communication is horrible. I had to register my Roomba and Scooba, but when one of them needed a critical firmware update, iRobot didn't contact me and other owners. Only those of us who prowled around on the iRobot forums and then filled out a web form were sent the update (via a drive that had to be returned).

I sold them both on Craigslist for $100 and am pleased that they don't take up space in my life anymore.

My dog was terrified of them, too.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Case of The Dying Roomba
2/7/09 03:01 PM

Go onto youtube and search for "Amish" and "puppy mill" and you might get your parents to stop making those trips.

Lancaster County is a hot spot for puppy mills.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dept of Disbelief: Free Amish Fireplace? aka The Heat Surge Original Roll-N-Glow Electric Fireplace Pitch
1/31/09 07:55 AM