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My family, including extended family, all have iPhones and iPads because of Facetime. I know there is Skype, and we use that too, but for the tech disfunctional Facetime is much easier for them to use. For us it's great, but it's more of an ecosystem thing than it being a great product.

The Fizzled Five: Overhyped Technology
9/11/12 03:28 PM

You forgot the lifeproof case. It is slim, can with stand immersion, 6 foot drops and does not look like a giant brick like that ugly pelican.

5 Ways to Kitchen-Proof Your iPad
3/29/12 04:58 PM

The zebra zebroller 2000 is by far my favorite pen of all time. Sadly it's hard to find and when I do it's extremely expensive. I'm on my last one now. It makes me sad.

Best Pens To Outfit Your Home Office
12/2/11 03:45 PM

All my son wants to do is be involved in the things my wife and I do. Normally, when it comes to cleaning, he is excluded because of his abilities or the danger of the chemicals used. Recently we have started involving him in as many of these things as possible and he could not be happier. He gets so proud when he has cleaned up a mess he made. Kids want to do what you do and make you proud doing them. This is an absolutely wonderful idea.

Quick Tip: Make A Family Cleaning Station
Sleepy Time Gal

10/22/11 10:21 PM

For those of you confused about the use of a balance bike my bike mechanic swears that teaching a kid to ride is immensely faster when using the "Flintstones" method. You could take days, weeks, or even months with training wheels OR you could take hours if not minutes with the pedals removed. Balance bikes FTW!

Balance Bikes from Glide Bikes
5/12/11 03:56 PM

I've been using Sezmi since november of last year, and IMHO it's a decent service. It does have some bugs, the most annoying being the lag time for remote control commands, however, they are being corrected at an acceptable rate. For the 1st iteration of a product, I think it's worth looking at. The price is very reasonable and even though I'm not too into the YouTube/podcast thing I do enjoy watching the TED podcasts. The quality of all the downloads is very good. Much better than I expected. Also, setup was very easy. Not having to have someone come and install anything is a plus. The only thing I wish it had was 4 tuners instead of 2 as we have 4 people in the house using it and 2 tuners isn't always enough.

The Cable Alternative: Sezmi Unplggd Test Lab | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
6/16/10 05:30 PM

I really enjoy streaming from my PS3, and personally I have to disagree with the clunky interface comment. For me the interface works great. It's not much different from the standard web interface. They simply made it so that it could be easily viewed from the couch. It's a definite improvement from having my PC hooked up to my tv.

First Impressions: Netflix Instant Streaming on the PS3 | Apartment Therapy Unplugged
11/22/09 02:53 AM

veggiequeen is right. I really like these plugs that Breville uses. It would be wonderful if all plugs had them.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Hole Plug: That's One Hole of An Idea
1/7/09 03:54 PM