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My husband and I run a website called Green Renters here in Australia. Rental accomodation is at an all time low in most urban parts of Australia and competition is fierce to secure rental accomodation.

It is extremely rare to get a furnished rental here with whitegoods but we encourage here is to check out what cashbacks and government subsidies you (or your landlord) may be eligible for if you/they purchase energy efficient light bulbs, toilets, washing machines etc. I'm not sure if such benefits exist in the States in regard to buying green.

Renting denotes a lack of permanence. It can be hard to summon the impetus to make environmental changes if you are a short term renter. One thing we strongly believe in is the need for optional 3-5 year leases). Being a tenant means you are unable to make any structural changes such as solar panels or water tanks to your property without the permission of your landlord. Many landlords are reluctant to conduct the most basic repairs to their rental properties let alone innovations for environmental reasons!

Most of the tenants we speak to are genuinely fearful if they request or undertake any improvements to their property, their landlord will see it as a reason to increase their monthly rent. Further renters may be of a low income or living in share housing with people who do not share their passions for the environment.

Love your work and we'd certainly be keen to network with you at some stage :)

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