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This looks great! I've never been able to figure out a cooking method for eggplant I like & can manage consistently. Do you think a variation of this could work in a slow-cooker on high? I'd love to not heat up my kitchen...

Recipe: Braised Eggplant and Tomatoes
7/19/11 04:31 PM

Okay, at the tail end of rhubarb season, I got to make this.

I used a little less than half a cup of coconut flour, which was maybe too much - even warm it's on the cakier side of custard. I also used vanilla soy milk (because that was what I had), so the custard has a mellow sweet flavor, almost like vanilla ice cream - I wish I had used more rhubarb to balance that out. But still, delicious!

Spring Dessert Recipe: Roasted Rhubarb Clafouti
6/12/11 07:18 PM

To the commenters saying that humans have been eating grains for millenia - grain as a significant staple is, in evolutionary terms, a new innovation. Our bodies haven't adapted to them, or, more specifically, didn't evolve with them. So they are completely unnecessary, nutritionally, and there are strong arguments that they are harmful.

There is also the question of the high-carbohydrate diet of which grains are a major component. Although cutting processed foods helps majorly, grains lead us too much toward a carbohydrate load that can trigger too much insulin, leading to all sorts of problems.

That's part of what I like about Paleo/Primal eating - there's a strong holistic sense to it, and also specific scientific evidence backing it up.

A Peek Into the Paleo Diet: Dinner with Philip & Leona
5/6/11 03:36 PM

I love how many commenters - though maybe it's self-selecting? - are also eating Paleo or Primal. I found my way in through Mark's Daily Apple which, as other have mentioned, makes more allowances for the modern world - some dairy and dark chocolate.

I think the key-- well, there are two of them. First is cutting out grains, which is sure to be more controversial. But from what I've read - and this includes science reading! - they're really unnecessary and probably harmful. But second, the idea of not eating processed foods. It just seems like the most obviously healthful choice I can make. And - look at these pictures - totally delicious.

A Peek Into the Paleo Diet: Dinner with Philip & Leona
5/6/11 12:52 PM

Also, fat is delicious, makes you feel full, and is a necessary nutrient on its own! Steamed vegetables make me sad.

Tip from Ellie Krieger: Eat Your Vegetables with a Little Fat
5/4/11 05:49 PM

Aside from using less-sweet cake and icing - and I'd worry that a muffin base could be too crumbly - you could cut down on the icing and replace some with butter or coconut oil (which is solid at room temp, though less so in the summer).

How Can I Make Cake Pops Less Sweet?
Good Questions

4/29/11 11:50 AM

Since there isn't a lot of flour here, I wonder if it could be replaced with coconut flour. Any thoughts? (I'm avoiding grains at the moment.)

Spring Dessert Recipe: Roasted Rhubarb Clafouti
4/28/11 02:23 PM

People know that there are reasonable apartments in NYC, right? Like, $1000 or $1200 for an actual one-bedroom? No need to go crazy!

A 90 Square Foot Apartment

4/21/11 04:01 PM

Almost always fruit - right now thawed frozen peaches are my thing - and there's usually some chocolate either right after lunch or during the afternoon.

Survey: Do You Eat Dessert with Lunch?
4/12/11 02:52 PM

Coconut flour pancakes! Coconut flower is high in fiber and fat, and adds a nice flavor. I make a big batch, and store them wrapped in paper towels in ziploc bags in the fridge. I bet they'd even freeze well. Then eat them cold - with cottage cheese or jam - or warm them in the toaster oven and then treat like fresh pancakes. They're not as sweet as regular pancakes, but I really like them.

I use a variation of this recipe - - mostly cutting down on the vanilla extract, because the amount called for was pretty overwhelming.

Looking for Make-Ahead, Low-GI Breakfast Recipes
Good Questions

4/4/11 03:56 PM

Others have already posted the links I thought of on reading this post. Thanks to both of those commenters.

The reports from Japan are horrific, and we want to help, but there might not be anything we can do. The Japanese government was prepared for a disaster like this, and they haven't asked for money. This isn't like Haiti, where there was a need for funds. (But even then I remember people wanting to go help, without a thought for whether or not that was *actually* helpful, just showing up.)

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan were catastrophic, but the country is managing to take care of itself. Maybe use this event as inspiration to learn about crises and emergencies that aren't in the media spotlight, but that need our help. (80,000 refugees from Ivory Coast have fled into Liberia in the wake of violence and instability, for example. 45,000 refugees in the last three weeks alone.)

A Bake Sale for Japan: On Doing What We Can
3/16/11 02:48 PM

Apologies for the lack of links to scientific evidence, but whey protein is usually cited as the best protein type - most easily absorbed and used by your body. (I'm lactose intolerant and have never had trouble with whey protein powder.)

What Is the Best Protein Powder for Smoothies?
Good Questions

2/24/11 03:15 PM

I know why HFCS is bad, and I know why too much sugar in food is bad... but what's the evil of plain corn syrup? Is it just about not supporting the nasty big corn industry?

Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie: A Corn Syrup-Free Recipe
11/10/10 02:41 PM

I ADORE Bon Ami. It does a great job of removing sink stains, cooked-on spills on the stovetop, and mildew in shower grout. It's the best.

Six Green Cleaners for the Kitchen
Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure

10/27/10 05:35 PM

Where on earth are you finding Kind bars for a dollar? They're at least twice that in NYC.

An Extra Nibble for the Cheese Platter: KIND Bars
10/26/10 06:04 PM

I see these all over my neighborhood! Now I just need to get over my fear of being the intrusive white girl to buy a bag.

Pasta Para Duros: The 30 Second Snack
9/14/10 02:11 PM

I'm obsessed with Patacones - Venezuelan sandwiches that, rather than bread, use patties made of fried green plantains. I go for the queso variety, since I don't eat meat - fried queso blanco with lettuce, tomato, sauce. There's an awesome place near me that sells patacones, arepas, yoyos (like patacones but made with yellow plantains) and other sandwiches. All mindblowingly good.

Latin American Week: What's Your Favorite Latin Dish?
9/13/10 03:37 PM

That picture of babka is making me drool excessively.

Sadly, babka's never been a part of my family's holiday desserts. My grandmother makes an *amazing* honey cake, but beyond that our desserts tend to be pretty nonspecific. I've been off grains for the most part for a while, but I may need to try a babka.

Rosh Hashanah Desserts from The Kosher Baker
Guest Post from Cheryl Sternman Rule of 5 Second Rule

9/7/10 05:49 PM

I find that uncooked tempeh can be bitter - cutting it into cubes and boiling in salted water for about ten minutes fixes that.

Recipe: Tempeh Deli Salad
9/7/10 02:39 PM

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who goes the two-blanket route! My boyfriend's a radiator and also likes to burrito himself in a blanket. If we tried to share covers it'd be a nightly tug-o-war.

When we were recently shopping for new sheets with my mom (she provided the car, not the cash), she looked AGHAST when we stopped to think about the need for a second top sheet. Absolutely shocked and appalled.

It was pretty funny.

Sleeping Together for the First Time
8/18/10 03:16 PM