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I've made this twice now, and maybe it's just my inexperience with some of the prep and processes involved, but it takes me forever and I get every dish in the house dirty. I'm pulling cilantro & parsley leaves off the stem, maybe I don't have to? I also only have a regular blender and a small food processor for tools, and neither one cooperates well for this recipe. In any case, it's so good that I'm going to keep making it anyway - hopefully I'll find some way to make it more efficient. I do find this makes more like 6-8 salad servings, and that the salad gets better and better as the lemon softens up the kale when it sits in the fridge becoming leftovers. I will always double the felafel part of the recipe from now on - they're delicious and I want a different ratio of felafel to salad, I guess, than the original recipe.

Recipe: Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
5/31/14 09:39 AM

This is wonderful! Can we get the source for the tree-shaped bookshelf?

Carolyn's Sky Blue Bedroom My Room
5/15/14 08:52 AM

I'm surprised to see that style of infant bathtub as a must-have - I'd just decided not to get one, as I've been seeing it on lists of items to skip. It seems like this would only be useful for such a short time that if you're buying one at all you would want one that would work in the tub. Did other people find an item like this to be essential?

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 07:06 PM

I am a relatively new follower, but around the same time as your first post, I wrote this poem in my now defunct personal blog:

at the sink
bubble scrubbing
i reinvent the chore
as a battle
where i am the victor
over millions of miniature
bacterial foes
who scream tiny last warcries
as boiling hot water
swirls them
to their downdrain destinies
and i smile
bubble scrubbing

....In some ways the opposite (not a Buddhist!), but a way to add some whimsy to a task I might otherwise find tedious.

Washing-Up Buddha, Revisited Weekend Meditation
9/30/13 09:32 AM

We got these: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/iona-flatware/f28268 for our wedding, and I'm still pretty enamored two years later (with the husband, too). I prefer their weight and thickness, and the design is modern but timeless.

The Surprisingly Frustrating Quest
for Good Silverware

9/10/13 04:20 PM

Verdant Tea (http://verdanttea.com/) is a pretty new company that sells Chinese loose leaf teas online. They take great care with their sourcing and visit the farmers that grow their tea multiple times a year. They also airlift their teas to the US instead of shipping them by boat, meaning that the tea you're getting in the mail is never more than 3 months old. Plus their chai tea blend is insanely addictive. If you're ever in Minneapolis, you can visit them and experience what a Chinese tea ceremony is like - drinking out of the tiny cups that get refilled from a tiny tea pot that gets re-brewed for each pour. To me, products like this are all about the people behind them, and these are some great people!

What's Really in That Delicious Cup of Tea You're Sipping Right Now?
9/10/13 09:01 AM

I made a big batch of this with two huge yellow zucchini that weighed more like 3 lbs together. I made sure to remove all the seeds and fibers from the center of each, and the result was great. My favorite way to use it, though, is added to a big bowl of warm pasta with a little grated cheese, sour cream, and salt and pepper. Simple and hearty.

Recipe: Super Easy and Delicious Zucchini Butter
9/9/13 11:18 PM

Great ideas! There are more and more resources out there for non-traditional online registries - I used myregistries.com, which allowed me to register for work of local artists and craftspeople, items from Etsy, and to pull from several companies that I liked without people needing to go to multiple websites. It worked great.

Also, not to knock CB2, but I feel pretty strongly that the one thing you should really splurge on as a wedding registry item is your flatware - dishes break, textiles wear out or go out of style, but a good, heavy, timeless flatware set can really last for the rest of your life. We got 10 sets of these: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/iona-flatware/f28268 They are absolutely my favorite wedding gift and well worth the cost.

An Organic Modern Wedding Registry
6/6/13 05:35 PM