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The second one is kind of cool. The bed when put away goes under the raised platform bed in the kid's room. I like the idea of the cupboard bed but for some reason it doesn't look as cozy as it should. The others meh.

5 Cool Hidden Beds for Small Spaces
11/6/13 12:32 PM

I always go back to Miss Manners, gifts are something you give from your heart and are not required to give for any occasion except if you are going to attend a shower which is a party whose sole purpose is to shower someone with gifts. You are not required to attend a shower so there's an easy way to get out of giving a gift. This means you are not required to give a wedding gift or a birthday gift, etc.

Since gifts are not required for any occasion except for a shower, you as the person hosting the party are required not to refer to them in any way the invite for fear of making the person you are inviting feel like you felt this was an obligatory gift giving occasion. So even putting "no gifts" on a wedding invite basically tells the person invited that you had been expecting a gift from them but decided you didn't want one.

A gift is not a requirement thus you must be gracious when receiving a gift whether it is a gift you wanted or not. And you must properly thank the gift giver.

My pet peeve actually is on the invite - write on it explicitly who you are inviting. I've had a couple of wedding invites where my kid was not on the invite and then the couple be disappointed that we didn't bring our kid.

Really I think a lot of bridezilla behavior and spending could be eliminated if people viewed weddings as a party where the bride and groom are the host as well as their parents. It would take the focus off of "me, me, me here's my chance to play princess" and put it back to the fact that you've invited your close family and friends to an event where you are publicly committing the rest of your life to a person and a pleasant little party afterwards to celebrate that and how can you be a good host.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/12/13 12:57 PM

Was thinking the same thing. The entire point of a shower is the shower the bride (or mother to be) with gifts. It's supposed to look like a gift grab. Miss Manners says it's the only party where you have to bring a gift if you attend.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 02:20 PM

Before you put them outside make sure bears haven't woken up in your neighborhood or save them for next winter.

For the Birds: DIY Birdseed Eggs Style Me Pretty
4/3/13 09:35 AM

Well actually there is the need for veal if you eat any dairy products at all. In order to make milk the cows have the get pregnant and something must be done with those calves. If you purchase free range veal you help to create expand the market for it and help out dairy farmers and calves by giving them a much kinder life than they might have otherwise had since the PETA campaign against veal actually ended up making the lives of these calves much worse than they were. We try to purchase free range veal on a regular basis since me and my family consumes dairy products.

Recipe: Veal Meatballs in Red Wine SauceRecipes from the Kitchn
1/21/13 11:44 AM

No, sorry, 2 hours to cook is not a weeknight meal. At least not if you have children and/or don't get home until after 6.

Dinner Recipe: Individual Pot Roasts with Thyme-Glazed Carrots Recipes from The Kitchn
11/6/12 01:45 PM

Not to mention that shelf on the stove for oils and spices. Way too hot for both of those. There are probably better things that could kept there or a better use of that space.

15 Smart & Creative Storage Solutions from Our Kitchen Tours
8/28/12 11:33 AM

You aren't supposed to put hands in your laps b/c of the whole weapons thing. Americans view knives as only for cutting food while I think the general rule for Europeans is the knife also helps in the transport of food. If I'm going to really picky for Thai food you never eat off the fork, you use a spoon and the fork to push the food to the spoon and you use chopsticks for noodle dishes only.

Personally I don't care how you use your silverware as long as you use it where appropriate.

I can't stand chewing with mouth open, not waiting for everyone to have food on their plate before eating and leaving the table before dinner is done.

I also like everyone to be included in a conversation of some sort but it doesn't have to be a table wide conversation. And I'm perfectly find with silence and usually take it to mean the food is good and people are hungry. Usually conversation then picks up over dessert and coffee.

Fortunately I've never had to put up with the dog issue.

What Are the Essentials of Good Table Manners?
11/8/11 10:37 AM

My daughter has never been terribly interested in the people dolls that came with her dollhouse they are like these

but has used her Calico Critters and the Plan Toys' pets set the most. Chances are whatever you get your daughters will probably find a more preferred toy to use so I wouldn't sweat trying to find the perfect family too much and let them have a say in maybe replacing the original family when they get older.

Sources for Interesting Dollhouse People
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9/8/11 01:38 PM

Mark Bittman's grilled split chicken. Over a charcoal grill it's hands down the best roast chicken you'll ever have and it's dead easy to make.

Which Recipes Should a Grilling Newbie Try First?
5/2/11 02:23 PM

I love this sauce. And as much as I love pasta, I prefer this sauce with gnocchi. The butteriness of it goes great with them.

Classic Recipe: Marcella Hazan's Famous Tomato Sauce
4/18/11 06:43 PM

Ditto Christine M. Part of me would like to be more of a coffee snob but really first thing in the morning it's hard to muster the energy until I've had my coffee.

Survey: How Do You Brew Your Coffee?
4/4/11 01:48 PM

I have a squash reamer for koosa that my great great uncle made that my grandmother gave me when I finally had my own kitchen. Cooking can be such a family connecting thing to begin with and having kitchen implements that have been passed down make it even more so.

An Heirloom Ice Cream Scoop That's Older Than Me
3/24/11 03:20 PM

I think it really depends on where your priorities lie. My upright mixer stays on the counter and is easy to get going so I don't need a hand mixer. I wouldn't take up counter space with a seltzer maker or juicer. I can't live without my rice cooker. I find an electric kettle invaluable so much faster than stovetop but it's not on my counter. We do have an upright blender and toaster on the counter. Of course the coffee grinder and maker could only be pried out of my cold dead hands.

So all told we have 6 appliances on the counters and a couple like the tea kettle and slow cooker stashed away.

A Tale Of 13 Appliances: What Stays and What Goes?
3/17/11 09:12 AM

What a sweet story and what a great way to redirect a kid from focusing on not liking something to being willing to try a new food and like it.

The Apple Trick: On Not Tricking Kids into Eating Well
3/10/11 03:29 PM

I was going to guess the pot wasn't hot enough as well. I preheat the oven and pot during the last hour of the 2nd rise just to make sure the oven it hot enough. As for parchment paper I must buy the wrong kind b/c the brand I have would burn to a crisp in an oven greater than 400.

Help! My No-Knead Bread Stuck To the Pan
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3/8/11 04:12 PM

Agree with operagirl. I think any urge I have to do a cleanse is really my body saying I've veered away from eating healthy food and I need to get back on track. Otherwise my body does a pretty good job of eliminating phantom toxins.

Can Food Lovers Really Survive a Cleanse?
3/8/11 10:51 AM

Well this is good I've been looking at doughnut pans looking for an excuse to buy one.

Looking for a Great Baked Doughnut Recipe
Good Questions

2/14/11 10:44 AM

Rachiti - really honestly the purpose of the a shower is to give gifts. You are showering the mother to be or bride to be with gifts. According to all etiquette experts it's only party where you are required to give a gift if you attend. (no, you don't have to give a wedding gift or a birthday or any other gift for any other party you attend.) You don't have to attend and then you don't have to give a gift. But really the purpose of a shower is to help a bride to be or mother to be set up housekeeping or set up a nursery.

Hence why it's not proper to give a shower for a 2nd or 3rd child. Or even for a 2nd marriage. That doesn't mean one can't be given. And obviously this mother or the people giving the shower recognize this by asking for disposable diapers to help the mother to be out since it's not a big gift and a nursery doesn't have to be completely set up from scratch. But one doesn't have to bring that gift if one wishes to attend the shower.

However, really reading the OP's letter I think it would be best if she didn't attend since she seems so hung up on the parenting practices of the mother to be to be able to offer sincere congratulations.

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
Good Questions

2/4/11 08:35 AM

Sounds like the mother was looking for a smaller party to celebrate the 2nd child. I don't really see anything wrong with that. Miss Manners might not entirely agree. However, a shower's purpose is to shower the bride or mother to be with gifts. So it's actually ok to ask for specific things for gifts for a shower.

If you'd still like to go and the party givers still want you you could think of things you used for your newborn that you use up. You don't have to give disposable diapers. You also can decline the invitation.

Also, I'm pretty sure the couple does have a diapering system. Just one you disapprove of. But you probably disapprove of the mother working outside of the home as well. sigh

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
Good Questions

2/3/11 11:23 AM