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my husband and I were just talking about this on our walk last night... the whole fact that it's a "public street" pretty much says that if someone wants to they can chuck those ridiculous pieces of furniture, stakes, etc. and park there as needed. Leaving those things there all day while you're at work and expecting no one to be able to park there is selfish, immature and pretty ridiculous!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 12:00 PM

You definitely do not need to keep one color but then again you don't want to go too color happy. I wouldn't put any more than maybe 2 main colors and possibly one accent color. When choosing your colors be sure to make sure that they go well with the wood tones in your room, the color of the trim, your furniture, the tile around your fireplace, etc. Picking color is such a fun process but be sure to choose wisely according to the items and features in the rooms. You can always repaint if a shade doesn't happen to turn out right. Live in it a few days before you decide either way.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Painting in an Open Plan Space?
1/6/09 02:50 PM

That is a great idea! You can recycle some of your cardboard around the house and make some great boxes to store all of those magazines laying around! I love it! :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make Custom Magazine Files
1/6/09 09:15 AM