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YES! I learned to play on a very similar piano. Unfortunately, it spent most of its life in my grandmother's basement and slowly deteriorated. In fact she once tried to get it out of the basement to get rid of it and couldn't (no one remembers how it got down there).

If I could have gotten it out of there and restored it I would have. That thing had a fantastic sound. But I understand that sometimes these are not salvageable.

Before & After: A Craigslist Piano With A Surprise Inside
3/26/14 05:59 PM

The Aden & Anais blankets are truly worth every penny. They are BIG, much bigger than the flannel receiving blankets kids outgrow in about two months. Much nicer for long-term swaddling.

Shifrah's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought and Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/26/14 05:55 PM

Squeeze a little dishwasher gel in the cup, fill with warm water and let sit for an hour or so. No more stains.

The Best Way to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Mugs & Carafes Tips from The Kitchn
3/10/14 05:54 PM

We used a similar IKEA shelf (Lack?) as a bench for years. Sat on it, put the TV on it, I even used it as a makeshift weight bench in a tiny apartment. It was fine. We still have it.

Before & After: A New Side to IKEA's Expedit
9/17/13 01:00 PM

I always thought this arrangement added a little touch of whimsy to the work table in my dad's back shed.

Industrial Inspired Decor: Fill a Vase with Vintage Light Bulbs Sew a Fine Seam
8/20/13 11:48 PM

This is hilarious.

We once switched the dorm rooms of two sets of roommates over Thanksgiving weekend. The first guy back threw his stuff down and went to sleep without even noticing that anything was different.

Before & After: A Prank Makeover
6/27/13 05:37 PM

Was once at a bridal shower where the hostess asked all the guests to embroider their names on a tea towel for the bride-to-be, as they had done at her own bridal shower 40 years ago. Her own full name was embroidered in beautiful cursive writing. Most people would be lucky to write that beautifully with a pen.

Unfortunately, embroidery is not in the skill set of the younger generation. I managed my first name in block letters and that was one of the better efforts. It would have been a day and a half before we could have taught everyone to do it. We gave up.

Signing a quilt square is a much better idea, but really, who wants the piecing and backing of the darn thing hanging over their head?

New Takes on the Traditional Wedding Guestbook
6/25/13 01:39 PM

Beautiful architectural house on a picturesque walk street. Barely at the upper edge of affordability, but we decided to take it anyway. Unfortunately, the architect walked by the next day, saw the sign, and guilted the owner into renting it to him instead of us.

The Home That Got Away
3/25/13 04:51 PM

Some friends, in their bachelor roommate days, had a TAPESTRY of Dogs Playing Poker on the wall. I kind of wonder what happened to it.

Getting a Fresh Perspective: How I Learned to Love an Eyesore
3/21/13 07:36 PM

The dour Ukrainian kid surrounded by toy guns kind of cracks me up.

A Picture of Possessions: Toy Stories
3/18/13 01:29 PM

If you have to invite 15+ kids (like, say, an entire 4-year-old preschool class), just do it at a party place. Seriously. We were remodeling, so a home party was not an option this time, but I would absolutely do the play place again.

The kids played on the bouncy houses for an hour and a half, ate for 45 minutes, and went home. The venue provided pizza, drinks, plates, cups, and favors. They even checked in all the gifts and made sure each was labeled with the name of the person who brought it. All we had to do was bring fruit, cake and candles.

The party planners asked my four year old if she wanted to play games with her friends, and she said no every time. They were all having too much fun just running around! We have been to other parties that attempted more organized activities and they usually don't work out that well for kids this age.

Tips for Throwing a Low-Stress
Toddler Birthday Party

2/19/13 01:43 PM

Some of these look like someone ran out of upholstery fabric. Really, West Elm?

The poufs and the pet bed are cute though.

Buy or DIY: Punchy Patchwork Seating
2/15/13 12:18 PM


"...Because of the insights this book provided, I can sleep a little better and cope with the reality that I can't always be there to protect my kids from huge ships, especially as they become adults. I'm confident that my teens, when confronted by a huge ship, are much better prepared to make wiser decisions than I did. At the very least my children certainly know that they can always come to me if they have any concerns, questions or just need my support when it comes to the topic of huge ships. "

Five of the Funniest Amazon Product Reviews
2/4/13 12:38 PM

@1952Ranch: No kidding. And just wait until all those beautiful unused crayons are broken into bits and have the paper peeled off them.

We use clear plastic bins that I labeled with Sharpies. They are ugly, but they work.

DIY Ideas: Kids' Arts & Craft Organization
1/29/13 06:53 PM

I can just imagine the unbridled glee that would result if I told my four year old that she could draw all over the furniture. Our couch is black leather but would undoubtedly be attacked with glitter pen immediately.

We have a cardboard playhouse whose walls are meant to be colored on, which I think is a much better way to let kids experiment with design.

Aah or Eek!? Drawing on the Furniture
1/24/13 08:19 PM

Mine is the only kid in the universe that hates rice.

Most other foods, including vegetables, are acceptable to her with ketchup on them. It totally grosses me out but I let it go.

In Defense of \"Kid Food\"
1/22/13 04:06 PM

Santa appeared at our preschool's holiday concert. My daughter wanted nothing to do with him until she saw that he was handing out candy canes (her favorite!). He received a polite handshake in return.

She enjoys believing in Santa, reading books about Santa, etc -- she would just rather appreciate him from a safe distance, and I'm OK with that.

Pictures with Santa: A Worthwhile Tradition?
12/17/12 01:06 PM

My daughter is little and cute and photogenic. I am none of the above, and have never liked having my picture taken. 90% of our cards go to relatives who don't use Facebook and are always begging for photos of the little one.

Burning Question for Parents: Do You Put Yourself in Your Holiday Photo Card?
12/5/12 07:00 PM

Get one of those big cutting mats that seamstresses use, and put it on top of your existing table. They actually work pretty well for dough rolling.

Source for Butcher Block Dining Table? Good Questions
11/7/12 05:36 PM

I like the idea of pulling down a shade.

How Can I Add Privacy to Glass Bathroom Door? Good Questions
11/2/12 12:54 PM