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Scandiclevelander - I've used coconut flour with success, you can also use some of the GF pancake or bread mixes instead.

Recipe: Green Curry Veggie Burgers with Black Beans & Walnuts Recipes from The Kitchn
6/11/13 11:10 PM

Eclogite - The black beans don't need to be diluted, the cilantro helps hold them together where breadcrumbs and flour would normally (although there is flour and egg both in the recipe).

Veggiegirl2- I use raw nuts, but you're welcome to toast or salt as needed.

Tamaracakes - If you omit the cilantro, sub in something like parsley instead (even though it will change the flavor profile of the patty). The cilantro isn't just for flavor like it is in many recipes, it provides substance for your "bean goo" to stick to and gives them shape. It's a greatly needed part of the recipe!

anb - You could absolutely make them as meat-free meatballs for a party. You could make them Alton Brown style in individual muffin cups (you'd have to google for his method), or make them in small discs that could easily be picked up and dipped!

Rebeca S - I'd try ordering the curry paste online (I'm a fan of the Mae Ploy variety). It is a large part of the flavor of the patty. You might try somewhere like World Market if there isn't a specialty grocer in your area.

Recipe: Green Curry Veggie Burgers with Black Beans & Walnuts Recipes from The Kitchn
6/9/13 11:22 PM

Charlotte - The Wooly Pockets are in my own home currently and they are perfect. You just need to make sure you purchase ones for indoor use as they're lined unlike their outdoor counterparts.

5 Bonuses of Plants in Small Spaces
4/13/13 09:19 PM

I wish that was the case, but just to make sure I did boil a few eggs that were unshaken and they came out perfect as usual!

How Not To Cook An Egg: When Pinterest and the Internet Lead You Wrong
3/11/13 10:05 PM

raquelwelch - You can absolutely do that. They will want to be covered with a plastic wrap however to keep them from drying out. Just keep in the fridge and pop them in the oven! (350 for 20 minutes usually does the trick with most things)

10 Fillings for Egg Roll Wrappers
2/23/13 02:38 PM

Erinpj - If you tell me how they broke your soul I might be able to help unbreak it?

Snack Recipe: Beef & Potato Empanadas Recipes from The Kitchn
9/7/12 03:14 PM

Bido - If attempting this in drywall you'll need more than your traditional anchor. You'll probably need a molly bolt instead or something that opens and gives 3 inches of drywall support on each side of the screw on two sides. Otherwise, like you found out, it will be too much pressure and pull out every time!

How To Hang 30' Of Curtains For $40
Home Hacks

8/22/12 11:11 PM

One of the easiest ways to get inexpensive priced at Farmer's Markets is to go within the last hour before they close. They'll be looking to make deals or bargain, you just have to ask instead of assuming the signed or marked price is law!

Entertaining Tip: Shop Farmers' Markets Now for Holiday Cooking
8/22/12 12:50 PM

Jomalone - Indeed I did! It's been switched and thanks for the catch!

On Eating in Small Towns on the Road: Nostalgia and the Best Fried Chicken Ever
8/7/12 11:32 PM

Minneapolis can be reached in 6.5 hours (technically) though once you cross the state line into Minnesota you can make up a little time usually :)

5 Places To Shop For IKEA When There Isn't One Around
7/14/12 08:40 AM

Akay & Crazylady: Although shrimp is quite common, for those that don't live on a coast, it's easy to forget about things like clams which seem like they'd fall though the grates at first glance. My apologies for not making that more clear!

5 Things You Should Be Grilling But Probably Aren't
6/14/12 07:42 AM

For those not so into Instagram, you're welcome to head over to the Pacing The Panic Room blog and take a look at a few non-Instagram photos. Ryan is a well established photographer and uses all sorts of camera and film styles.

Plus... you don't always want your expensive camera gear around dirt, dust and construction projects. You might consider giving the man a break!

Before & After: Back Stoop To Garden Pacing the Panic Room
6/12/12 11:33 PM

Avocado is greatly helped by red onion as well as citrus. Dice one up finely in the mix and you should be set!

Sunday Cooking: 10 Meals That Will Last The Entire Week Kitchn Recipe Roundup
5/16/12 10:47 AM

Here's a new roundup of things that AREN'T on clearance that are all under $20! Check out our shopping channel for more inexpensive finds:

On Sale Now: 10 Stylish Finds For Less Than 20 Buckaroos
3/28/12 03:57 PM

Our apologies for the sold out items. All items ARE still available when we make the listings. We do have a great pull here at Apartment Therapy and one thing we don't have control over is knowing exactly how many items they have left in stock.

On Sale Now: 10 Stylish Finds For Less Than 20 Buckaroos
3/26/12 10:29 PM

We rotate around the country all week... yesterday's scavenger was almost all Chicago!

Orange Living Room Set & More
Midwest Daily Scavenger 03.21.2012

3/22/12 12:16 AM

Please be careful when using sunshine as it can bleach and discolor some things, especially those with fabric covers or upholstery.

How To Get the Musty Smell Out of Your Thrifted Treasures
The Art Of Doing Stuff

3/16/12 08:37 AM

Heathrleah - If you make this recipe and toss in a few chunked up bars of chocolate, you'll be all set:

Why I Make My Brownies With Unsweetened Chocolate
2/26/12 09:47 PM

Holiday05 - Do you happen to know what kind of metal you're dealing with? Denture tablets do clean things like jewelry, but aren't advised for continual metal use (even though dentures and things like retainers are often made from metal parts). Narrowing that down would help a great deal!

Crazylady: Allie_P wasn't wrong, there are many folks that don't think bleach is a good thing for the home, but there are alternatives for those who don't and by this point they know how to substitute them for use in your average DIYs.

Before & After: Clean Glass Fixtures the Easy Way with Denture Tablets
Worthwhile Domicile

2/17/12 12:39 PM

You can for sure use this with a pork shoulder. Truth be told, we make the brisket and then with the juices that are left, we toss in a pork shoulder and start things all over again. It shreds perfectly, but to help give it some color, you might shred it and then toss it back in the juice for a bit to help dye it. Or add some annato to the mix since it's not big on taste, but big on color!

Recipe to Feed a Crowd: Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef
2/15/12 06:37 PM