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I used SamaN wood stain to make my ikea pine furniture match the "black brown" ikea colour furniture I have, and I'm super happy with the results. Apparently, it's non-toxic and though I have no idea how green the stuff is, it definitely didn't have a smell.

All the water-based minwax and varathane products at my local hardware store seemed to be variations on the antique oak theme, but this brand came with a bunch of colours you can mix together to get what you want. For me it was easy as 1 part black plus 1 part brown = black brown.

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8/2/07 02:01 PM

I just don't think we should be judging the question-asker. Tons of people eat beef from Australia, NZ, South America - those cows most definitely aren't in their 'natural' environment either, and they aren't local to NYC.

Besides, there probably is local llama meat to be found.

I am a vegetarian, and I love cats and dogs as pets, but I think humane treatment and the environment are more important than cultural hang-ups over what animals are pets and what animals are food. As long as it's not a species that is at risk, (and I totally agree with art on not supporting places that deal in that kind of meat) I don't see it as a big deal.

Good Question: Exotic Meat in NYC
7/23/07 03:58 PM

Actually, I think that llama and kangaroo meat are often more sustainable than beef. Instead of trying to rear cattle in places that aren't suitable (like cutting down rain forest to make pasture), using local fauna as food makes sense, as long as it is done properly. The problem, of course, is that once these meats are trendy, we'll once again try to raise them in unsuitable environments.

I heard a radio interview with Michael Archer about kangaroo meat, among other things, and it was really informative. See: http://www.hha.com.au/books/0733615228.html

Good Question: Exotic Meat in NYC
7/23/07 12:34 PM

Guido, this seems to be the most common CFL grow light, and there are also a bunch on ebay:

You do need an adapter to plug them into 'normal' light fixtures. (I think it's a mogul-type fixture?)

Survey: Where Do You Get Your Herbs?
7/23/07 07:31 AM

Thanks guido! Unfortunately, they are not at the home depots around here and all the online stuff on grow lights seems to be made up of the acronyms and numbers with very little actual English, so I'm glad to get a little help.

These look pretty idiot-proof to me - and only a little ugly - I'm very tempted!:

Survey: Where Do You Get Your Herbs?
7/20/07 10:03 AM

Guido, it seems as if many of the bulbs for sale online may not actually fit into a standard light socket - do you remember what brand of grow light you bought? (I have to buy online because most of the indoor gardening shops in my city are not focussed on growing the herbs that you eat)

Survey: Where Do You Get Your Herbs?
7/20/07 08:44 AM

I got the sennheiser CX 300 in-ear noise blocking earbuds after I realized I had my ipod set REALLY LOUD to block out the noise of my gym. I love them, but they are a bit weird to run in, since you can hear things like the cord banging against you and your heartbeat a bit louder than usual.

Beware buying on ebay - tons of fakes out there.

Top 10: Headphones
7/19/07 12:43 PM

Guido - I'm interested in doing the grow light thing, too. Do you have any tips on suppliers or books?

How To Store Fresh Herbs
7/19/07 08:06 AM

I've used the racor racks for two bikes:

Not as pretty, but it was great to still have some floor space/storage space under the bikes. It's also pretty cheap. Plus they sell those pulley systems to store your bikes at ceiling level.

A Green Search: The Best Indoor Bicycle Rack
7/17/07 12:42 PM

I make falafels into burger-like shapes rather than balls, then fried them in a bit less than 1/4" of canola oil in a covered fry pan. Much better than doing them in the oven, and cut in 1/2, the burger shape fits quite nicely into a pita, too.

Open Thread #100!
7/13/07 03:50 PM

So, I don't have to buy/make room for a new appliance, I can get some exercise and probably entertain barbecue guests, and at the end of it all, I get to eat some ice cream without carrageenan or mono and diglycerides (or something else impossibly hard to spell) in it.

Yay!...I really really hope this method works for me!

How To: Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker
7/12/07 09:49 AM


I can't help if you want the exact works of art in the show, but maybe contact one of these galleries?:
http://www.coastalpeoples.com/ and http://www.blacktusk.ca/.
Roy Vickers is also an artist to look into.

Since one of the prints is a killer whale, I think you should probably concentrate on artists from Coastal Pacific Northwest First Nations.

For googling, you might want to try using "first nations" rather than "native american" in case the artist is Canadian.

Open Thread 374
7/11/07 02:05 PM

I'm with you, Splatgirl - it stresses me out to buy things I don't love or have a great need for. I do think it would be a shame to cover up that space. Maybe the solution is to just work with what you have right now (suspend the windows, maybe in front of a giant rasterbated image or something...) and wait for the perfect thing/collection to come find you. Be it a sexy Italian soccer-playing chef, or a sexy Italian rusty motorbike.

Good Questions: What Should I Do With This Nook?
7/6/07 11:02 AM

Moema, thanks for the article, it definitely cleared up the chemistry questions I had. I don't eat meat or have pets, so I really have no use for the stuff, especially since I've ruined clothes by using cleaners that contain bleach :(.

On a google search, I saw that pine oil and some citrus products can be used as disinfectants. I wonder if anyone has used these?

Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home
7/5/07 03:47 PM

Chlorine is really not good for you. It makes carcinogenic byproducts when it reacts with organic materials (such as dirt), and I can't see it breaking down into less harmful substances, since it's an element. But I'm not a chemist. I'd be interested to find out where you read about this.

The only reason chlorine is in drinking water is that your chance of cancer from these byproducts is minimal compared to getting cholera or some other water borne disease from untreated water.


A 2 in one million chance of getting cancer doesn't seem high, but concentrations of these materials are far lower in drinking water than would occur using even diluted chlorine bleach as a cleaning product. So, why use it if you don't have to? Unless you live with immuno-compromised people, I don't think you really need to disinfect your home.

On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide, while not harmless, is also a disinfectant and eventually breaks down into water and oxygen.

Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home
7/5/07 01:25 PM

Robyn, I put my orchid in a bathroom, near a window, and pretty much never water it and the plant is thriving. It seems to get enough water from the humidity coming from showers, etc.

Open Thread 369
7/3/07 02:05 PM

If you are switching to reusable bottles (like Nalgenes) there is some concern about drinking liquids from Lexan containers. Perhaps the risks are overstated; I haven't looked into it enough to make my mind up yet...

elizabeth in AL:

You can get powdered electrolytes that you add to your own water (e.g. endurolytes, gastrolyte). However, the powdered stuff probably won't taste as good because it will taste salty from sodium, which smartwater doesn't have.

AT On: Bottled Water
6/29/07 12:21 PM


I just moved into a place with recently refinished wood floors that are mostly in great condition, but the previous tenant had this sloppy/crafty side and there was glitter glued to the floor in a bunch of places, and random other bits of old paint everywhere.

My attack involved a steamer (the shark one) and (I'm sure this will make a lot of people cringe) fine steel wool used very gently on the spots where I was more willing to live with scratched floors than the crud. The glitter is gone and I haven't noticed any scratches. But I was probably just lucky...

Open Thread 367
6/29/07 09:14 AM

The bedbug thing is making me very wary of all used upholstered furniture, not just street finds.

From a news story today in Vancouver: the bedbugs here aren't being spread by used furniture, but rather by, um, I can't think of the appropriate euphemism....renting hotels by the hour?


Survey: Scavenging and Bedbugs
6/28/07 01:30 PM


Someone on another thread suggested the rubber mats used in gyms for another renter's bathroom. Apparently, you can just cut it to size and lay it down. Those mats may not be matte, but they aren't very shiny and they do come in black, and as a plus they are reversible (good for a rental).

Open Thread #50
6/22/07 01:16 PM