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My landlords are selling the home we're living in. They have shown the place 8 times in the last three days. Last night when they were showing it at 5:00 pm, I decided, screw it, I'm making bacon. Either the perspective buyers will make an offer based on the sweet smell and the showings will stop, or they'll stop the showings at dinner time. Either way, win win.

House For Sale? What NOT To Cook
4/12/12 12:17 PM

I love California wines. They can be very affordable, especially those from lesser popular areas. Amador county, Lodi, and Paso Robles make some great affordable contenders.

Do You Think California Wine Is Cool? On Diversity, Stereotypes & California
1/19/12 11:15 PM

I know this post is a little old, but I hope this helps. Many power companies allow you to file a claim to replace your groceries. Here is PG&E's claim policy:

Power Outages: What To Keep and What To Toss
1/11/12 11:40 PM

This could be a cute idea for a housewarming gift for the newly married couple. Or, a passive-aggressive jab if they stuck you in a hideous color. Lucky me, I have lovely women in my lives who have chosen dresses I actually will wear again.

DIY Project: Turn Your Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses into Pretty Pillows | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/29/10 04:25 PM

I've started using cloth baby diapers in lieu of paper towels. They are relatively cheap, easy to wash, and have the same feel as a paper towel.

How To Waste (Almost) Nothing In The Kitchen Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
2/19/10 11:04 AM

I love love love I get my order in a day or two tied up with twine, a hand written note, and chocolate.

Best Fabric Shops: Online Marketplace 2009 | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/29/09 02:04 PM

I absolutely love Quilt Home. Their website may not look as snazzy as the others, but I've found they have better stock on hand when it comes to designer quilt fabric, especially compared to Also, when I ordered from quilt home I got my delivery in a fraction of the time compared to

I swear I don't work for them, I was just very impressed with with my experience. To be fair though, my exceptions were a little lower because I didn't find their website that attractive.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Quilt Home: User-Friendly Online Fabric Source
9/2/09 03:52 PM

Not that I support the Bush Administration's policies, but I though I would just point out that the article stated that the Obama's were moving to DC early so the children could start school on schedule. It also states that the Blair house would be vacant on January 15th, five days prior to the inauguration. The article does not state exactly how many days prior to the inauguration past president-elects have occupied at the Blair house, so there is no way of knowing if there acutally was a breech of protocol. I say if you're going to knock Bush there are plenty of much more offensive acts to chose from, rather than making something out of nothing.

Apartment Therapy DC | Obamas in DC at the Hay Adams Hotel
1/5/09 03:46 PM