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Beautiful couple. Very nice and fresh feeling home. I love the light and the plants and flowers.

Magali & Bart's Soulful Belgium Retreat An Apartment Therapy + Aphrochic Remix House Tour
7/28/14 01:23 AM

Great feeling place. Great smile. That shower curtain is awesome.

Revisiting Scott's California Bohemian House Tour
7/17/14 03:02 PM

What a negative article.

The 10 Worst Things About Renting (And How to Deal with Them) Renters Solutions
7/16/14 05:42 PM

Your room is just gorgeous, creamy and soothing. Picture #7 is just beautiful with the sun shining in.

A Buttercream Yellow Nursery in Boston My Room
7/11/14 10:20 AM

How awesome. Is that a little hedgehog in the cubby? It reminds me of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle.

Before & After: Backyard Shed to \"Small Piece of Heaven\" Playhouse
7/8/14 11:45 PM

So happy, bright and vibrant.

Sophia's Rooftop View Over Paris House Tour
6/24/14 10:23 AM

Gorgeous and cool feeling.

The Look for Less: Emma's Bedroom on a Budget
6/19/14 05:07 PM

@laluneestjole, I'm the same way. Counters must be clean and clear. Dishes get done once a day. (They're always rinsed or soaking though). Same with the bathroom counters and the dining room table. Must stay clean and clear.

6 Dumb Household Rules You Hated Growing Up, but Now Totally Understand
6/17/14 09:09 PM

One of a kind. I've never seen more perfectly hung prints. Love your style.

Kary's Pocket of Mod Small Cool Contest
6/17/14 12:01 AM

I love your plaid pad. Especially the space behind your bed with all of the cool pillows. Nice.

RJ's Plaid Pad Small Cool Contest
6/15/14 12:49 AM

All sorts of wonderful.

Jessica's \"More is More\" Small Cool Contest
6/12/14 07:14 AM

Love the "Take Care of You". Nice place.

Karilynn's Separated Studio Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 11:35 PM

I too love the 5th picture. It's so full of life. What a great apartment. Comfortable indeed.

Kristen's Comforting & Cozy Abode Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 01:06 AM

Those questioning the need of a bed obviously haven't lived in a city studio. It's not a big deal to have your bed in view. Get out and see a little bit more of the world.

Kristen's Comforting & Cozy Abode Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 01:02 AM

You're making me want a fiddle leaf fig. Yes, feeling cozy is a great thing. Nice home.

Jessica's Thrifted Coziness Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 12:45 AM

So smart, airy and beautiful. Love your bed. What floor are you on?

Danny & Joni's Former Knitting Factory Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 12:40 AM

Nice couch and chair. They look so comfy.

Katie's Collected Character Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 12:35 AM

The first picture is really beautiful. Love the artwork and your bedroom looks pretty. Wish I could see more of it.

Lexie's Beauty on a Budget Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 12:31 AM

Love your golden kitchen!

Nicole's Little Oasis Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 04:51 PM

Nice light, nice artwork! And I'm loving the chair in the kitchen. Warm and functional.

Jules' Cohesive Look Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 08:14 PM