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Absolutely love it! This is totally my style. But, I'm surprised that she went for it, it's quite masculine... Love all the use of grays!!!

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/10/13 04:18 PM

A view is great, but you also have to live there. I guess my question is this: Does that view take up most of your time in the living room? Do you find yourself staring at it a lot? Or are you mostly just doing normal living room stuff (i.e. staring at the TV)? I'm guessing it's the latter. There's your answer. By reorienting the living room you're not losing your view and if/since it isn't what you stare at most of the time while you're in there, then go with a better flow. The views still there, when you want to take it in.

Would You Maximize Space or Brooklyn Bridge Views with Living Room Layout? Good Questions
11/21/13 05:57 PM

I like it but think it needs an overall update. It all needs a facelift. New cloth or leather (I'd do an off-white faux leather) on the chairs, ditch the wheels and a new updated surface for the table top. There are a lot of places that offer peel and stick faux wood veneer, typically used to change up your Ikea furniture that would work great. Here's one: www.panyl.com. If you give them the dimensions they will custom cut it for you before shipping. I'd consider possibly sanding the chrome to give all of the metal a brushed aluminum look as well. Use a heavy grain sandpaper.

Overall I love the round table sets, more intimate. Hate the rug!

Is This Set Good Retro - or No Go? Good Questions
11/20/13 05:34 PM

There are a myriad of solutions from over hanging floor lamps, to up-lighting coming from the floor and a really cool chandelier in the center of the room. Check out my Pinterest board "Cool Style". I have and continue to comb the internet for the best deals on knockoff and close-second designer lighting, furniture and more. Check it out!


Is It Possible to Find a Lighting Solution for This Room? Good Questions
11/19/13 11:07 AM

I like that you've build the basic structure with earth tones, but your overall pallet is very mono/duo-toned. I see you've started to embellish with some blue accents. My suggestion is to build on that. If you like that blue, then see if you can find it in some patterned throw pillows, a blanket, in wall art. Also, find a good pairing color. Orange is blues best friend on the color scale, so go in that direction... If you are afraid of over-doing it, choose a burnt orange. Then, really push with some unique pieces that will make for good discussions. Maybe some animal prints, a cow skin rug, a faux deer head, etc. You also want to balance all of the small wall elements you have going with some larger pieces - a large mirror for instance. Then go a bit bolder on the walls, with some richer/darker paint. Your space is big, so you can go a bit darker on the walls. Just remember to balance it with lighter fixtures.

Finishing Touches for Living Room? Good Questions
10/9/13 04:25 PM

They both have nice qualities, but i find the mixture of furnishings, combined with the openness and lack of clutter in the first design to be the true winner. Add to that the use of art deco pieces, and I'm sold!

Design Duel: Which Living Room Do You Prefer?
9/13/13 10:24 AM

I've been experiencing noisy dogs and a guy who is constantly cooking stinky food, and the best you can do is leave a note (without naming who its from), then approaching the leasing staff and finally the police.

If you make it your apartment managements problem, by hounding them about it regularly, they will reach a point where they don't want to keep seeing you in the leasing office and will help expedite the problem more quickly.

The last thing your property management wants to see is a guy/gal who's always in the leasing office complaining. It hurts their ability to lease to new customers.

What Can I Do about Neighbors' Screaming? Good Questions
9/10/13 10:25 AM

Wolverine Claws - for a costume party in another state. I had to fly to Denver for a business trip. At the end all of the conference attendees dressed up as their favorite superheroes... so I made realistic looking Wolverine claws and flew to Denver and back with them in my luggage.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
9/4/13 11:55 AM

I've found that its best to decide on one or two pieces that will be the jewels of the room. These are the pieces you should pay full price for, and then spread the remainder of the budget around the room. There are so many ways to save these days, including recovering thrift store finds and knock-off replicas of really expensive furniture pieces, for a fraction of the price.

The trick is time. Spending a lot of time (up front) online, finding deals and developing a plan, will help you create a room plan and make edits, before making any purchases. This, I've found, is the most efficient and cost effective way of redesigning a room on a budget and still getting a really great final project.

Try looking on Pinterest for style ideas. There are tons of people out there who have design boards that have tons of great ideas. Also, http://www.houzz.com.

I like to go to these sites, pick out room designs and then search for cost effective replacements for the separate elements in the room design.

Budgeting for a Room: Splurge or Spread the Wealth?
7/29/13 11:03 AM

If it were me, I'd ditch the arm rest covers, tuck and staple the fabric flaps/skirt on the bottom of the couch, so they cant be seen, replace the feet with something modern (Ikea has a great selection for cheap) and then decorate with some modern designed throw pillows.

Is This Couch Hideous or Awesome? Good Questions
4/26/13 05:28 PM