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Lovely. Mannequins are spooky though, but I guess it is my problem.. The skirt or the pants on it look like something from JC de Castelbajac :)

Paul's "Gray Meets Orange" Living Room
10/13/10 05:17 AM

I think it is possible to change the "favourite spot", but I think the number of those spots stays approximately the same. Meaning, you change the spot and desert the last fav for the new one. And I think it is natural way of things, which probably can not be changed. So why bother? By the way, Russians belive that if you buy a new place, let the cat first go into the apartment/house and see where the cat lies down. That is the best spot in the building. So may be in your case it is under te sofa table? ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Apartment Therapy Challenge: Find A New Spot
8/22/09 02:39 AM

The one with the numbers is very alike bedding Ikea has.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Etsy Seller: Good-ness
4/22/08 05:09 AM

Not sure about the microwave above the stove.. Does it last the heat?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #6: Jaclyn's Granny Smith's Kitchen
1/29/08 06:39 AM

I wanted to be a ballerina. Like Maya Plisseckaya. That would be a perfect gift for my friend who is giving birth right now!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #5: Win An Organic Gift Set
12/7/07 11:13 PM

Can i ask for the European source of the wallpaper?

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Tour: Marley's Pirate Cove
11/6/07 03:10 AM

Dear Lord! I'd like to live in that room myself! (im WAY over 10 years :P)

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Tour: Marley's Pirate Cove
11/6/07 03:08 AM

Marvelous! And i LOVED the rat, i would like to see the close up!

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Paris - Chez Colette Pierre
11/6/07 02:59 AM

Great work, but pressing a link "happy colors", i never expected to see the colors i see on the photos. I'd call them "dramatic" :)

Apartment Therapy - #20 - DMODSF's Happy Colors
10/26/07 11:25 PM

Its one of the rare posts i'd like to comment. I love the color combinations in this apartment. Blue, which seldom works for me in rooms, looks great in combination with black and natural white. Lime green is great with red details in kitchen. Pink bathroom is not overkill with those red towels and silver of the bath curtain. And color in bedroom looks so cozy. Oh, and compliments on the painting! Very inspiring!

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/24/07 10:21 PM

Nice colors! I like that the dog and Audrie have same pose and even same expression on their faces :P

Apartment Therapy - # 5 - Harriet's Apple Green Getaway
10/23/07 06:02 AM

I love the table in your working place. Where is it from? And the picture above this table looks inspiring too.. You have great place.

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Plain Jane's Not So Plain Studio
10/23/07 05:51 AM

Wow!! This looks like a place to go! Thanks for wonderful pictures.

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Paris - Scenes from the Ham and Antiques Fair
9/29/07 07:06 AM

check out those pictures:
The hided indirect light on the upper part of the walls supposedly makes the room look higher.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Should I Deal With My Low Ceilings?
9/27/07 04:32 AM

If you ever happen to go to Estonia:

Page 17- design by Tarmo Tuisk. Estonian design ;)
Actually, I think they can send it too..

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where can I find this light fixture?
8/31/07 10:27 AM

Who knows how to deodorize microwave? I'd really like to know, mine is smelly :P

Apartment Therapy - Real Simple's Periodic Table of Cleaning
8/23/07 09:50 AM

I bought the chair at the flea-market in Helsinki, Finland. There was no set, just that chair. It cost me 30 euros (about 40 US dollars). For a comparison - Ilmari Tapiovaara set of 2 Domus chairs cost 150 euros there :)
As for the question of wende in phoenix- unfortunately there is no numbers or anything underneath the chair. But l am tending to think "library chair" myself :)

Good Questions: Where Did This Chair Come From?
8/2/07 10:51 AM

I bet this has beaten the record of comments. I could not keep myself from commenting too. It is the most amazing place i've seen on this site. I wonder how those felt doors isolate the sounds and don't they become damp serving as a bathroom doors? Also recently I've read that hanging things above babies head is not good, baby can be threatened that if falls on his/her head. I don't know how true is that.. Anyway, I think your apartment is wonderful! Hope i'll have similar one some day.

Inside Out: Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool!
7/9/07 09:46 AM

Surprise-surprise! Ikea has a "rip-off". Talking about a big version.

Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Lamp?
5/22/07 02:06 AM

I have seen a program where they teached to do so. It was a spray and its' name is something like Plasti-Kote.

Good Questions: How To Create a Pebbly Surface?
5/14/07 10:42 AM