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I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving Jackson Heights. I'm a young, single, creative-type living in JH and I really love everything the neighborhood has to offer. Although options for nightlife are limited it is so easy to access other parts of the city that it does not bother me. I hope your move works out well for you. If you decide to sell any of your furniture online, post a link here and I will take a look.

How Do We Make the Move? 3-Bedroom to a Small Studio Good Questions
3/3/13 11:34 PM

Don't get rid of the rug as it is the most interesting item in the room! You are obviously attached to it in some way otherwise you would not be asking this question. I agree that it looks too small in the current configuration but I'm sure if you make some changes based on the suggestions above and your own ideas you can make it work. It may be a good idea to try moving the things that you already have around the room before purchasing anything new. Perhaps the coffee table could serve as a place for your TV instead of the Ikea item you are thinking of purchasing as I do think it takes away from the rug. A less conventional and less expected setup in the room could do wonders. I think the rug should serve as the inspiration for the room.

Do We Need to Replace this Rug?
Good Questions

9/8/10 12:41 AM

The first few photos I saw made the new Oval Office seem like a snooze fest to me as I'm not a lover of beige and it does not make a huge statement. After looking back at past Oval Offices I came to understand the room better in terms of its history and I can now say that I like the new look very much. It honors the past while embracing the future.

Although the new sofas are not a style I would gravitate to I think they inject a very subtle sense of modernity with their overall shapes and lines. They lend a casual look to the room and I have a feeling that if any of us were to take a seat on one of these sofas, we would fall in love with their undeniable comfort - helpful when negotiating peace treaties or trying to work with representatives of the Republican party.

The new coffee table is a simple modern piece which appears to be handcrafted using traditional techniques. The mica surface is unique and unexpected, yet it is subtle at the same time, easily blending with the more traditional, historical pieces in the room. The new lamps are also in this vein and add a much needed hit of color. The new desk chair is also very simple and modern, yet with some subtle traditional details - the curves of the arms, the use of leather.

The rug - although not bold, it's something that I think most people could easily live with. It is subtle and understated yet the designer recognized its symbolic importance. I thought the use of the quotes was a nice touch. I have to give Obama credit for working in an office for about 2 years on a rug designed by Laura Bush, inspired by Reagan's rug, and described by G.W. as being symbolic of his "optimism" - more like blind optimism if you ask me. That thing would give me the creeps!! In fact, G.W.'s entire office seemed to be inspired by Reagan's - CREEPY!!

I think the biggest change of all is the wallpaper. Looking back at past Oval Offices it seems that this is the first to use pattern on the wall and I think it works great. Being a subtle pattern and a medium tone it really brings out the detailed white painted molding throughout the room and it seems to have a very subtle sheen.

I also really love the selection of accessories and artwork from what I assume are the White House's archives. The Native American pottery on the shelves the paintings that are on either side of his desk, even the new bowl of apples on the coffee table, I think they really reflect who Obama is and what his beliefs are.

I think overall it is room of subtle features that if any of us were fortunate to visit we would find undeniably inspiring. It's definitely not cutting edge, avant-garde, over the top, or in your face, nor should it be - especially during a period of hard economic times. If it was all gold leaf and aristocratic bling, it would be unbelievably off key and if it was super-modern or even mid-century modern it would alienate a lot of Americans. Let's face it most of America is pretty traditional in terms of home furnishings.

As for all of the comments that suggest that spending money on this sends the wrong message, I think it would be worse not to spend the money, leaving it sitting around. This is donated money that is set aside for this purpose, it cannot be used to pay off the deficit (nor would it make much of a dent). Almost every president that has occupied the oval office has redecorated it to reflect who they are and the direction that they want to lead the country. All of the money that was spent was spent on products made in the US and in some cases older pieces were refinished. And everything will remain property of the White House for future generations to look back on.

President Obama's Redesigned Oval Office
New York Times

9/2/10 12:40 AM