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Thank you so much for this tour! I am about to close on an 1880s Victorian house and have been struggling to find inspiration and photos from similar spaces. Most homes have white trim and when I have found photos of those with natural woodwork, they have not matched my style.

Peter's description of what he has tried to do with his place is how I've been wanting to approach my re-design but could not articulate. Thank you!

Peter's 1892 Brooklyn Brownstone House Tour
6/8/12 02:20 PM

absolutely love the backyard

Cara's Perfect Starter Home Bungalow House Call
5/11/12 03:28 PM

First, there's a great article about this topic at HuffPo.

Second, I live in Buffalo and bought two houses on the same lot (both doubles) for $56K when I was 23 years old (five years ago). I've got a garden in the back and live three blocks from an awesome vegetable and aquaponic farm. It's possible to live well and inexpensively here, so much so that I converted one of my apartments into a writing studio that I share with two others. You can have a lot of space here, and the people are great. Plus, there's a beach in the summer!

Best Cities for Urban Homesteaders on a Budget?
Good Questions

2/28/12 09:34 AM

I've never owned a microwave, not since college and not now. The only time I find inconvenient is when I want to quickly heat up leftovers. Still, the stove top almost always works for that.

We do have a microwave at work and I use it a lot.

Living Without a Microwave: Pros and Cons
10/15/10 09:32 AM