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How fun!

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8/2/13 10:34 AM

Oh!... Sweet!

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7/5/13 12:12 PM

You have to see this http://moderncountrystyle.blogspot.pt/2011/01/anne-turners-cottage-livign-kitchen.html

For a start they've had the existing cupboards up towards the ceiling and added moulding around the top.

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6/17/13 11:43 AM

I have two Billy (Ikea) bookcases with doors for my shoes. They have the perfect depth. Bought an additional shelf each and they both can store up to thirty two pairs of shoes.

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8/27/09 01:32 PM

I have handles similar to those in my kitchen too.

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8/26/09 10:17 AM


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8/20/09 02:30 PM

My ideas:

I would leave the cabinets as they are

Would paint the walls a light blue gray, except the lower half of the wall in the corner where the stove is. That would be a neutral gray as suggested.

Paint all the trim white

Paint the doors a neutral gray

I would move the stove to the hall in front of the door and put a small mirror above it. Not necessarily feng-shui but it would feel nice and comfortable

A white shelf all around the wall in the stove corner, at eye level

A STENSTORP or a BEKVÄM (both from IKEA) kitchen card next to the stove. Or a shelving unit like UTBY (IKEA) if you have room for that. I have one and it has lots of space for everything plus the counter space.

De-clutter the fridge

Put the EAT sign above the door (in the 2nd picture)

If you like rugs in the kitchen choose something with red on it

You can display one or two small everyday appliances on the counter.

Towels and other accents on the red or blue gray range.

Good luck.

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8/19/09 05:19 AM

The two beds are gorgeous!

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4/1/09 04:35 PM

What farmhousemoderne said.

Oh memories...

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3/31/09 06:46 PM

Too big. Nice views though.

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3/28/09 08:33 AM

Serial rearrangers girl here!

Moving my 5foot wood desk through the window of one room, put it on a wheelbarrow, go around the house and get it through the window of the other room.

Lol, it was hilarious! But the sense of accomplishment was immense.

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3/23/09 05:16 PM



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