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This is AWESOME! And so something my son would/would have loved!! He became well versed in coffee shop culture at a young age...

The World's Cutest Cardboard Coffee Shop
45Wall Design

11/9/11 09:56 AM

I've given the Hug-a-planet to two year olds for Christmas gifts at least three or four times. It is usually a good gift. In our house we use it as an extra pillow when reading bedtime stories.

Globes for Young Explorers
Round Up

8/9/11 04:16 PM

100% awesome! Will definitely look at his web site.

A Super Splash Pad for Four Florida kids
My Great Outdoors

6/8/11 10:02 AM

This is awesome! My son wants Lightening McQueen this year, but maybe next year!!

I think I *might* want to do a Warrior Dash....

Best Kids' Parties: A Warrior Dash Bash
My Party: 2 Best Buds (Tulsa, OK)

6/8/11 09:53 AM

Crud, it's day three and I forgot again! (1 year after my first post.)

Capturing the First Day of School
8/12/10 11:04 AM

Crater Lake is incredible and awe inspiring. My husband is from Oregon and we lived there two years on sabbatical. The state is very varied and well worth a visit!

Nolan at Crater Lake
Adventures and Outings

8/12/10 11:03 AM

Like others have said we use a chest of drawers.

My son's closet is filled to the brim with items my husband inherited from his mom and we have yet to find another place for the stuff (anyone interested in a c 1958 wedding dress?) So the closet is a catastrophe that scares my son - the toys which are stuffed in there can come crashing down at any minute -eek! I hope some day to have it looking lovely for him. :-)

I am an excellent folder and I really don't let my 3 3/4 year old son paw through his drawers much. When he picks out an outfit I am there to make sure the drawers stay neat (I'm not quite as overbearing as that sounds.) Socks, undies, PJ's and the like are in the top drawer, pants/shorts and all shirts are next down, then sweaters, vests, and sweatshirt types are in the third drawer. Currently toys occupy the bottom drawer, but as he is getting bigger (5Ts already!) we'll soon have to shift them out.

Hats/mittens/scarves are in a basket, and shoes are in two crates (Melissa & Doug cutting food) under the dresser for easy pull out and access. We attached 3M hooks to the side panel of my son's Ikea Kura bed for his jackets, and baskets underneath hold his dirty clothes and the pullups he still needs at night.

Clothes he will grow into soon are in a basket in the closet, and outgrown clothes are in bins in the basement/garage (we hope for a second child - prayers welcome.)

Closet Organization Tips | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/7/10 11:21 AM

I LOVE the artwork in the room (furniture too, but it's the art that makes the room more than a showroom for nice modern furnishings.) Really gorgeous.

But, can we see a picture of the room when the baby gets older and toys get spread around? :-)

My Room: Everett Indianapolis | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/24/10 09:15 AM

Looks fantastic, but having just purchased the Kura bed for my young son, I noticed the mattress used on the top is way over the recommended height. Ikea says the mattress used on the top shouldn't be more than 5 1/2" high. These mattresses, while I'm sure are quite comfy make the top bunk unsafe for a kid who rolls around.

Lovely room though.

A Happy Play Space for Nessa's Boys | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/11/10 10:47 AM

Now to decide to wait for Father's Day or give this as a birthday gift... :-)

Rules for My Unborn Son by Walker Lamond | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/6/10 01:26 PM

When I moved in to my husbands 1600 sq ft home, the majority of my 1 bedroom condo went into the guest room and catchall room. I transformed the catchall into a cozy office/den/craft space. When our son came along my stuff was dispersed making the guestroom considerably more crowded.

One leftover in the little guys room - his closet is packed full of items my husband inherited from his mom - her 1950's wedding gown, fine china, and silver included. It's getting harder and harder to not have that closet space!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Survey: Which Room Did Your Nursery Displace?
10/28/09 07:11 AM

I too was hoping for information, and perhaps instructions, on the construction - the fabric part is easy.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Flickr Find: Handmade Play Tent
10/27/09 09:07 AM

I love the furnishings and pull-out desk!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Inspiration: Kids' Room from 1935
10/26/09 08:57 AM

Part of my post got stripped? ... my husband and I are fans of our roomba vacuum - it helps with clean up a ton.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Keeping it "Clean Enough"
10/5/09 10:52 AM

Cleaners every other week is a HUGE help. They scrub and mop (I used to only mop when it was absolutely mandatory and then only the kitchen - they do the whole house!).

We <3 Roomba ( !!!!! This little gadget is so great - set her off and do something else (usually work from home).

Like someone else said, never leave a room empty handed, or from my table waiting days - consolidate trips.

I have my 3 year old do as much as he can with his stuff. No new toys out until other toys are away, take your shoes to your room and shoe tray, take your plate to the kitchen...

I try to wipe/clean as something needs it/happens.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Keeping it "Clean Enough"
10/5/09 09:35 AM

Safeway is expensive no doubt about it.

I LOVED TJs when I lived in Oregon and begged them to come to Atlanta when I moved back. They did and now I hardly ever go. Great stuff, but I can get it cheaper and better at the Dekalb Farmers Market. I also don't usually cook with pre-prepared stuff.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Kids and Cooking All Things Trader Joe's
9/17/09 08:45 AM

I agree - those masks are not paper plates and at least the first cape is sewn. Capes are not hard to sew - I made one a couple weeks ago - and they are also readily available on Etsy.

The post is also true as my husband commented to my son, "my mom made me a cape with a towel and a pin."

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | How To: Make Superhero Costumes from Household Items
9/17/09 08:26 AM

I wish I had thought of this!! My son has been in day care since 9 weeks, but he moved to the preschool room August 10th. I'll try to remember this for Pre-K next August!

(Back to school stuff in August would be helpful for those of us that start early. Talking about back to school now is soo last month for us ;-) )

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Capturing the First Day of School
9/16/09 10:00 AM

This is so much fun!!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Good Idea: Wall Alphabet
9/16/09 09:46 AM

These are awesome!

We are using the one that my sister and I used growing up. It was handed down to my cousins then put in storage until they had kids. My uncle returned it to me with a fresh coat of varnish when my son was one. We use it as a seat (I sit on it while my son is in the bath) and stool. Love it!

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Flip Stool by KidKraft
9/16/09 09:43 AM