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It really depends how much shopping you're planning on doing and what you tend to buy. I shop for two and my grocery store is right on my way home from work, five minutes from my house. Usually I just take in my basket and use it as my shopping cart. (I have this one that's fitted to my bike rack: This prevents me from buying more than I can haul. It does mean, however, that I go to grocery store much more often but this has encouraged me to buy more fresh produce (lighter!) and put back the junk food I don't need or have room for. When I had a CSA, I coupled the basket with a backpack. I've been looking for panniers to give a little more room and security (my kale almost floated out of my basket when I hit a bump last week) but haven't made the jump yet.

What Are the Best Bike Bags for Groceries? Reader Intelligence Request
10/22/13 03:09 PM

I love this recipe! Delicious every time and quite easy. However, I prefer to make it with just chicken legs than a whole chicken. It's easier, faster, and I think the meat of the legs is best suited for the recipe.

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk Is Probably the Best Chicken Recipe of All Time Recipe Review
10/18/13 08:14 AM

I've never understood why we don't just use the word spice, as in spice cake or spice cookies or a spice latte. Why bring pumpkin into it when most of these products don't have a hint of actual pumpkin flavor? I suspect it's to associate it more with fall than just Christmas so they can push it on us sooner.

Pumpkin Spice Is Not Actually What Pumpkin Tastes Like
10/1/13 07:24 PM

I work on a touristy street, so eating outside means wading my way through crowds of slow walkers and sudden stoppers in order to get to the park. I lose ten minutes each way and end up more aggravated than anything.

The Case Against Eating Lunch Outside
8/23/13 05:37 PM

We just bought a rice cooker with multiple settings to help us eat more whole grains. I really love how it prepares quinoa (I could never get it quite right on the stove top). My boyfriend also needs to eat quite a bit more than me so this is an easy and healthy way for him to fill up and I don't feel like I'm cooking for an army.

What Would Help You Buy and Eat More Whole Grains?
8/1/13 11:44 PM

I'd wait until you get a cat and see what it's preferences are. My first cat never needed a tree (she seems to be afraid of heights) and rarely touched a scratching post. I got a tree after getting my second cat as he made it abundantly clear that he was a climber. Giving him a designated place to jump to and perch has saved my tables from having everything pushed off. He still jumps onto some other clear areas, but it's nice having one space that he gravitates toward.

When shopping online, make sure to pay attention to measurements. There are a lot of tiny scratching posts and trees. My cats are large so many I found, especially those that tended to be more attractive, were far too small.

Stylish Cat Tree for Studio Apartment? Good Questions
7/17/13 10:48 PM

My former roommate had a 'home owners hope chest'. Of course, she had it while taking advantage of my generosity and dragging her feet on contributing anything to our current living situation, so I wasn't much of a fan.

Do You Have a Home Owner's Hope Chest?
7/17/13 09:47 PM

Does everyone have really large washers or very very small, thin rugs? I can't imagine fitting a rug in my washer.

Rock the Right Rug: Which Size Should You Choose? Emily Henderson
7/17/13 08:20 PM

I kept mine on the opposite wall (about 10 feet?) for years and they were fine (our kitchen has many windows, though). However, I've since moved them to the living room and use them much more. They're on a shelf below the tv so now I'm much more likely to pick one up and browse while watching something. I tended to forget about them in the kitchen since they were up on a high shelf to be out of the way and usually by the time I make it to the kitchen I already know what I want to cook.

Should I Store My Cookbooks in the Kitchen? Good Questions
6/10/13 07:27 PM

Though the above suggestions are all good, another route for the cooking averse is a crock pot. Since there's little technique involved, you get to jump right in to combining flavors to create delicious meals. You get to discover the kinds of food and flavors you like in a really easy way, and then from there you can start developing out of the crock pot techniques and make more advanced dishes. It can be really easy to get overwhelmed with learning specific skills which can be disheartening to someone who may not have an inherent interest in them. Keep the focus on the food and learn new skills as you need them. And most importantly, know that you will mess up and it's okay.

I Want to Start Cooking. Where Do I Start? Good Questions
5/16/13 10:15 AM

I've paid $14 for a somewhat fancy cocktail. No extremely special liquors, but still an upscale cocktail. Mostly, I don't mind paying if the bar is really nice: I'd rather pay a few dollars more for a seat and a lovely ambiance where I can actually enjoy my drink.

The Cocktail Threshold: How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Drink?
4/19/13 01:44 PM

There's a good NY Times article from a couple years ago about caring for nonstick pans. I think I remember an 'expert' consulted saying that, even with proper care and seasoning, a good nonstick pan will likely only last 5-10 years. This is why I refuse to buy them, beyond any safety concerns. Why buy a pan with a known expiration date when there are plenty that will last a lifetime?

Oh wait, I saw the NY Times article here!

Do You Season Your Nonstick Pans?
4/18/13 05:31 PM

Also take into account the size of the burgers, toppings available, side dishes, and the style of party you're throwing. My parents tended to throw smaller barbeques where everyone loaded up their plates at once and settled in at the table, so few people had seconds. My friends, however, throw more casual shindigs where people eat as the burgers come off the grill and the toppings and side dishes are minimal, so many more people consume several burgers.

How Many Meat and Veggie Burgers Should I Prep for 36 Guests? Good Questions
4/18/13 05:20 PM

I have some silicone cups that just have large scallops (maybe 8 or so 'petals') instead of the usual cupcake crinkled edge. I think it makes them look nicer and they are quite easy to clean. I also like them because the cupcakes pop right out and leave a clean edge instead of the crumbly mess that paper liners create when you go to eat them.

Silicups from Williams-Sonoma
4/3/13 11:41 PM

I have one that's wood, glass, and metal. It's a little larger than this one and the top is hinged so it doesn't come all the way off, but I like that it has no plastic and looks lovely on my shelf between uses. I now use it exclusively. The coffee is ground much better and I like the routine of grinding it in the morning (or every few days if I'm busy) as opposed to the jarring noise of the electric grinder.

Hario Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton
4/2/13 11:59 PM

I try to sit in the middle for this very reason. I like being able to bounce back and forth between the conversations on either half of the table. It is my absolute nightmare to get stuck on an end and have to shout to get in on the conversation and struggle to hear: No amount of conversation preparation can counter the social exhaustion that quickly sets in when that's the case.

Infographic for Introverts: Choosing the Right Seat at a Dinner Party
4/1/13 11:42 AM

1. Scheduling. I don't work a traditional Mon-Fri 9-5 job so entertaining takes a lot more advanced planning so I can have a day off when other people do.
2. Expense. I'm a little old-school in my hosting and prefer to provide everything for the evening and serve a complete meal. This can get a bit expensive.
3. My friends don't get it. I'm on the younger side and many of my friends seem a little baffled by the idea of a proper dinner party. I'm not hosting super fancy evenings, but just the act of serving a multi-course meal that isn't a potluck and involves sitting at a dining table with specifically invited guests seems so 'adult' and 'formal' to them. Having a cocktail party means hinting oh-so-subtly to several people that this isn't a 'get drunk' kind of evening and it also takes all of my effort to get people to stop hanging out in the kitchen (even if I put all of the food and beverages elsewhere). And then there's the issue of people feeling uncomfortable that I went to 'so much' effort: the art of graciously accepting hospitality seems lost. I appreciate your thanks, but after a point the gushing just gets awkward and makes me feel like some kind of oddity.

What Keeps You From Entertaining More Often? Reader Survey
4/1/13 11:32 AM

You definitely need a well-tested recipe that can hold up to the serving delay without getting soggy. Make sure it doesn't turn out too soupy, especially if you'll be baking them in large trays. I wonder about hitting them with a culinary torch before serving for a little crispness?

If the service is buffet-style, I would definitely find a nice ceramic pan that the aluminum pans will fit into. You would only need a couple on the table and could just swap the aluminum pans out as they emptied.

Advice on Making Fruit Crumbles for a Wedding Reception? Good Questions
3/29/13 07:49 PM

This looks wonderful! As a very visual person, I appreciate recipes that include lots of pictures of the steps, especially for unfamiliar pastries.

Patisserie: Mastering The Fundamentals of French Pastry by Christophe Felder New Cookbook
3/29/13 02:50 PM

I often switch out unsweetened coconut in recipes. I find the flavor much richer and nuttier. I do tweak the recipe elsewhere, adding a touch more moisture and sugar as needed, and generally prefer the results.

Sweetened & Unsweetened Coconut: Both Deserve a Place in the Cupboard Ingredient Spotlight
3/25/13 03:56 PM