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A lot of food-for-thought for me here, since my own 1br (the first floor of a Philly row home) is basically the same size & layout - albeit with a smaller kitchen, and the fridge sadly right next to the living room which it unavoidably looms over.

Katherine Johnny's Cozy Modern House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
2/12/10 03:20 PM

I'm pretty sure it's not actually a US-style box spring being slept on, but rather a combination boxspring-mattress. Ikea has them, or used to, and I tried one out during my last bed hunt - it was at least as soft as a US spring-plus-mattress around the the medium-to-firm end of the spectrum, even without a mattress pad on top. If I recall correctly, it was basically a wooden frame that had the legs attached and contained all the supportive springs/foam, with a hard bottom. Very space-efficient and plenty comfortable.

How to: Make Beds Like A Swede | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/18/10 12:38 AM

Good catch, CrazyLady - upon looking at the photo stream this came from, it's pretty blatantly not a university dormitory of any kind, just a reasonably well-designed apartment.

Marcela's Simple, Chic Dorm Room | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/6/10 04:19 PM

I went to a school with an overabundance of single rooms, so I only had a roommate for two of my three years in dorms - but then, that situation's very uncommon; I don't know of any other schools where people who wanted a roommate might get 'stuck' with a single. And then, the rooms were about 100 sq ft, including built-in closet. A double bed wouldn't fit even if you let it take up the entire room... and that's not even getting started on the fact that painting walls is, at most schools, incredibly forbidden.

In other words, yes, it's a nice job. But in terms of making a dorm homey, one of the hardest challenges in design, Marcela's "cheated" by having huge advantages that 99.99% of dorm-dwellers can't even hope for.

Marcela's Simple, Chic Dorm Room | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/6/10 03:58 PM

Why surprising? There's a few million of us in and around Philly! It's not like the city's some kind of style-less wasteland, even if NYC *is* next door.

Apartment Therapy DC | 5 Colorful Philadelphia Homes Best of the 2008 Color Contest
9/21/09 01:52 PM

Why in the world would I hire an interior designer - particularly one with such a narrow focus - who didn't provide any examples of their work outside of "testimonials?"

Apartment Therapy New York | Sexy Bachelor Pad Interior Design
8/10/09 06:31 PM

"hey, do our job for us! For barely any money!"

Apartment Therapy DC | DC Contest: Creative Ideas for an Urban Live-Work Loft
7/13/09 03:08 PM

Iroh - Take a look at craigslist some time; NYC real estate prices are many multiples of what the same square footage would cost anywhere else in the country. As for liveability, it's all relative; I have 425 sq ft in Philadelphia - a much, much cheaper market than NYC - and I'm starting to feel like it's too much.

As for the post: Amazing; I love the map decal against the gray.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Emile's Customized Rental Tiny Division #22
4/9/09 01:14 PM

"Although plants improve air quality, they compete with you at night for oxygen."

Um... plants should never be using oxygen, only outputting it as waste from eating up your waste CO2. If plants competed with us for oxygen, the human race would be dead in a week.

Also, seconding Feng Shui as doodoo. If you want plants have plants; don't let mystical bullcrap tell you otherwise.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The "Plants in the Bedroom" Dilemma
1/14/09 04:55 PM

Hmmm... you can cheat, though, and get a good-enough approximation.

A rug can obscure most of a power cable, which you can then run up a leg - against the side least seen, most likely. Alternately, for some desk designs, one could imagine a furrow or channel in the leg specifically for that cable. Then there'd have to be a cavity in the desk - a hole to a drawer, or a custom space - for the power strip, and small holes running down for each gadget's power needs.

In fact, I could imagine someone putting an outlet on the floor directly below the desk to make things even easier, though I'd never make a commitment to room layout like that.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Flickr Finds: The Impossible Office?
12/29/08 04:15 PM