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Kangaroo, it's lean, healthy, local and delicious.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Kind of Meat Do You Eat the Most?#comments
3/14/09 02:52 AM

If you live somewhere with high humidity I'd not get one. The salt attracts moisture and you end up with a pool of salty water under the lamp, which rusts the electrics inside.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Salt Rock Lamps
1/8/08 04:29 PM

Oh, now you're famouse will you still talk to the little people? ;) How much I envy this bebe his/her room, it's nicer than anything I've ever had, young or old.

Apartment Therapy - Nursery Tour: Leanne's Babe in the Woods
11/15/07 04:20 PM

Those are my favourite pictures, the ones with "optional cat".

Apartment Therapy - From AT: Green HomeOur site at the intersection of green and home
9/18/07 07:46 PM

I'm with Deb of Oz - Loo is another word for toilet - so Jig-a-Loos sounds nasty, possibly rude! They'd have to change the name to sell it here in Australia.

Apartment Therapy - Jig-A-Loo Lube In The Test Lab
8/21/07 06:56 PM

I always Autumn (fall) clean - when it's cooler and I feel more like doing things like that. Get the house all clean and fresh all ready for the closed up winter months.

May is Spring Cleaning Month!
5/30/07 04:18 AM

Saturday is new sheets day without fail. But, because fresh clean sheets smel & feel so lovely, I often change them mid week too, especially if I'm feeling glum - it's a bit of an instant pickup!

AT Survey: Do Clean Sheets Make A Better Night's Sleep?
5/9/07 10:30 PM

I leave a little bowl of honey by the back door. They go to that and come no further.

How To: Get Rid of Ants
5/8/07 09:54 PM

If you move furniture off carpet and find one of those large impressions, simply pop an ice cube on it and wait until the next day. The carpet fibres spring right back up.

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5/8/07 09:37 PM