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Absolutely. Do it up.

Backyard Beauty: Herringbone Pattern Brick
4/26/12 06:59 PM

Beautiful home! Love the Beatrice Valenzuela cobalt blue mary janes!:

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 09:03 PM

Love that you have Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian! For me, it's the be-all, end-all of vegetarian cookbooks.

Very sweet place. I really like your choice of red-oranges and yellows. The pillows on your bed are fantastic. Best of all...little Maudie and Moki!! Such cuties!

Alison & Brendan's Creative, Colorful, Craft-Filled Home
House Tour

7/22/11 09:14 AM

Yes, I HATED the knotty pine. Very 90s. The white was a great choice, and I never would have thought the light gray would add so much! It looks incredible! Fantastic backsplash too.

Before & After: Lisa DIY Kitchen Rehab
5/7/11 03:43 PM

You've both made great use of the space! Nice splashes of color, and despite the apartment being compact, it appears airy (in part thanks to the gorgeous blonde floors.) Also, Zadie Smith is amazing and White Teeth is an incredible debut novel. Nice collection of books!

James & Briony's Tokyo Home
House Tour

2/9/11 12:08 PM

Fantastic! Dramatic, but still warm and inviting. You've successfully highlighted all the architectural details that deserve attention!

Before & After: Bri's Charcoal Living Room
1/6/11 11:39 AM

Yes, definitely get rid of the dead animals. The rest was gorgeous.

Mimi's Luxe Urban Family Lodge
House Tour

12/14/10 08:24 AM

These are great! Love the chairs in 3rd picture!

1960's Christmas Retrospective
12/9/10 09:56 AM

Jane Birkin: Style Icon
11/9/10 08:33 PM

(Her middle daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg that is...)

Jane Birkin: Style Icon
11/9/10 08:33 PM

Charlotte is better.

Jane Birkin: Style Icon
11/9/10 08:31 PM

WOW! So clean, so orderly...but not cold or pretentious at all! Kudos.

Frederic's Chic & Petit in Toronto
House Tour

10/29/10 03:26 PM

Gorgeous place! Impeccable color choices! What kind of plant is next to your little bar area? (In the room with the green nesting tables.) I have the same kind of plant and I've never known what it's called.

Elinor & Andrew’s Vertical Kind of Blue
House Tour

10/17/10 09:53 AM

Très cute!! And where are those adorable salt n' pepper shakers from??

Theresa's Tiny Treetop Apartment
House Tour

10/11/10 03:29 PM

A purplish blue (aka "ultra blue") would be beautiful. Artsy and tasteful.

What Front Door Paint Color Will Really Pop?
Good Questions

9/22/10 08:12 AM


Before & After: DIY Diva's Backyard Transformation
8/15/10 11:55 PM

ha ha also, for greatest inspiration, shoulda put: "funk n' pussy"

Jennifer's Retro Residence
House Tour

8/15/10 08:43 PM

This is going to be one of my all-time favorite house tours. Absolutely gorgeous. It's a beautiful thing to see faces of color on the walls. Every single photograph inspires me and I'm glad this site is evolving. A little of everything
is ideal.

Jennifer's Retro Residence
House Tour

8/15/10 08:39 PM

WOW! This is fantastic! Man, the only thing you're missing is a bowling alley! SUCH an improvement. This gives me hope for my dingy basement (with identical "wood" paneling from the before shots.)

The Big Reveal! Jarrett's Bungalow Bar
The Inside Man

8/12/10 12:09 PM

i'm enchanted- this is my dream home! it'd be great to see more! i.e. bathroom pics? some more pictures of the trees and that cute little dog from the first photo too! GREAT job making this little place your own.

Jenny's Wash House
House Call

8/11/10 04:57 AM