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I do believe this contest is all about a BIG WINDOW room and not necessarily a room that you would live in. After all, many magazine spreads are very much for looks only & don't look approachable OR livable. A big window challenge is all about the WOW factor and Eddie has definitely delivered that. So what if you wouldn't want to live here?? It's pretty, colorful and full of eye candy, just what a big window in NYC should be. I think it's a beautiful display of the older Modern Woman and not anywhere close to "granny-ish". And who cares if it's kid-friendly or not?? IT's a storyboard, not real life.

Nice job, Eddie!

The Modern Woman by Eddie Ross for Elle Decor Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010, Room #1 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/22/10 09:45 AM

This is a great product and I've used it on the ends of kitchen/bath cabinets, as well as one wall in a guestbath with chairrail. Worked like a charm in both areas, here's my blog post about it:

It really looks like the "real thing" and my friends are amazed when I tell them it's wallpaper. Great product for those, like me, who do not have the power tools to do the real thing & I love the real stuff too.

Look!: Beadboard Effect Paintable Wallpaper | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/24/09 07:56 PM

Hi, Sashi, that bedspread was a yardsale find, but it came from Target. I ordered the drapes to match at Target online, so you may still be able to get the comforter too. Check online!

Rhoda's Southern Hospitality House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
11/16/09 07:44 PM

Hey, Christina, yes, I did get the rabbit weathervane at Target about 3 years ago. Waited til it was on closeout & snagged one. I haven't seen them lately though. You may check Ebay, as those bunnies multiplied all over the internet.

Rhoda's Southern Hospitality House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
11/14/09 03:12 PM

Congrats on your feature! I adore your home and everything you've done with it. It just keeps getting better.

Stefanie's Limestone Renovation House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
11/14/09 12:54 PM

Thank you ALL SO much! I'm really honored that my feature was added so quickly, since I just submitted these a couple of days ago. I'm giddy!!

For those of you who would like to see more of my style & house, please visit my blog:

I'd love to have you drop by!

Rhoda's Southern Hospitality House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
11/14/09 12:36 PM

Congrats, Layla on your feature here! Wow, this is a tough crowd. I'm a Southern girl too (also in Birmingham) & very proud to call Layla a friend. I think she and Kevin have done an outstanding job on making this little house their home. It takes a lot of work and effort to accomplish a project like this & I applaud you both for a job well done. While we have different styles, I sure can appreciate a well thought out plan and I love, love the look you have created. I think Layla is a fantastic designer!

Apartment Therapy DC | Layla Kevin's Country Coastal Cottage House Tour
9/12/09 04:56 PM