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Smelly and slimy sponges don't get into my home any more. I use a steam cleaner now and wipe with a clean dry dish cloth. Strangely a steamed surface stays fresher longer. That being said exposure to the odd germ is going to make our immunity stronger and our lives longer.

Kitchen Tip: Sanitizing Sponges in the Microwave
1/14/14 03:09 AM

My problem with cows milk is founded in the fact that it is there to transform little spindly calfs into large lumbering adult cows. I do not wish to be a large lumbering cow. Cow's milk is much too concentrated for humans. Additionally a glass of nut "milk" is made from pounds and pounds of nuts, therefor these are much too concentrated for humans also. Certain cancers (not all) are fueled by estrogen which is plentiful in soy. Therefore people who have estrogen fueled cancers must absolutely not consume soy products. Having delved deeply into these issues I decided to drink more water!

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
1/14/14 02:24 AM


Would You Do It? Creative Repurposed Mailboxes
1/14/14 02:03 AM

Hmmmmmm. This wall, dozens of framed pictures actually creates a dust trap. Like wall to wall carpeting, dust traps can give kids asthma. I learned by sad experience. I think it's very imaginative tho,

No More Knick-Knacks!: Grown Up Decor That's Kid-Friendly
11/15/13 03:04 AM

Very,very grand. I love to see a project that is simple innovative up-cycling and walks away with the best "dress" prize. Absolutely fabulous!

Before & After: A Headboard Gets Reincarnated View Along The Way
11/15/13 02:52 AM

It's surprisingly simple.A loud deep voiced "NO" when they prepare to scratch the sofa.. Your cats love u and want to do things u love. Make sure your adult scratching posts are tall enough for the cat to stretch the back up fully and are still scratch able. Take your cat to the post and gently pick up the paws and make scratching movements. Then praise and treat.You can make a tall post with pcv pipe attached to a holder thingie ,screwed into a square of wood or mdf. Pick up a bit of sisal carpet(from a garage sale) and use your glue gun to stick it to the post. You can further secure the sisal with a zip tie from hardware store. When the top gets ragged you just invert the carpeted pipe and slot into into the pipe holder thingie u screwed onto the wood. You'r good to go.

Make This DIY Cat Scratcher Old House New Tricks
4/22/13 03:27 AM