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I tried googling real quick, but hard to know where to start. Does anyone have any helpful links about setting up a room like this? I haven't heard of placing the matress on the floor before, but it really resonates with me!

Stella's Happy, Calm, Montessori-Inspired Room My Room
7/16/14 03:26 AM

We got a huge amount of beets. I didn't even like them to begin with! I have found that you can put beets any- and everywhere. Grate them and toss them into whatever you're cooking. Raw as a topping on a burger, fried in pulled pork or as a veggie sub, in a pasta sauce... I asked for inspiration on facebook and, luckily, I have some vegetarian friends who could help me out. But when we've eaten the last, I don't want to see another beet for a year!

3 Ways to Cook Any Vegetable in Your CSA Box Love Your Vegetables
6/25/14 06:48 AM

Having a cat is very motivational. The bed doesn't have to be made perfectly, I just aim for it to be covered. There is still some kitty litter in the bed every now and then, but it's not..beach-y.

I just pull the covers straight. Takes about 30 seconds. I usually do it before having one last look in the mirror, along with making sure kitty is fed and the coffe make is turned off.

One Simple Trick to Making Your Bed Every Day Comment of the Day
5/13/14 02:40 AM

We are using no 1 right now. A friend has been using her phone so much it feels as if she's using our home as a waiting hall. *So sorry you're stuck at our place, but at least you can entertain your self * She is not welcome without bringing some one else!

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/9/14 08:58 AM

I made mine with a recipe that calls for butter. I melted the butter, let it cool and than whizzed it in the blender with some dried pineapple. After baking, I dunked them in some melted white chocolate. Fantastic!

How to Make the Best Coconut Macaroons Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/22/14 04:08 AM

Huge windows and high ceiling. And our very own "ugly naked guy" living across from our livingroom.
Also, you have to walk through our shower when using the toilet. And when you wash your hands, the shower leaks. Therefore, a great chance of wet feet.

What Surprises People the Most About Your Home? Reader Survey
3/17/14 04:15 AM

I think I understand where this is going and I like it.

I usually use the recipe for Long Island Ice Tea as a rule of thumb for stocking a bar; gin, rum, tequila, vodka and orange liqueur. Add a bitter and something sweet. This post and the follow-ups will probably help my cabinet move towards more "grown-up" cocktail.

Introducing The 9-Bottle Bar: A Guide to Building a Small Yet Mighty Home Bar The 9-Bottle Bar
3/13/14 04:19 AM

I have my alarm set on three different times - the last one is for dropping the towel and brushing my hair! It's halfway through my morning routine, and a necessary step in order to avoid being dripping wet at work - I hate the hairdryer.

I have also mentally divided my morning into ten minute "sets" with deadlines. For example, at twenty past seven, I must brush my teeth if I haven't already.

6 Tips for Making Your Morning Routine Bearable Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 08:02 AM

I really can't eat breakfast at home, I get nauseas. On rare occasiones, I can't even drink my morning coffee! Once I am awake enough to eat, I still can't - because of my job. I usually end up eating a sandwich in between phone calls, not ideal.

Day 2: Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Breakfast Habits The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/5/14 02:59 AM

We have no option, only place where we can placed the bed is in front of two windows. However, the wall is painted black and we have black curtains that are always pulled down, which makes it look almost like a wall, with some light trickling in.

Pull It Off: Beds in Front of Windows
1/20/14 02:59 AM

I labeled the shelves in my pantry-cupboard as well as the jars. I now have designated areas for sugar/honey/other sweet stuff, teas, beans/lentils etcetera.

10 Small Ways to Improve Your Kitchen in 2014
1/9/14 02:59 AM

I am a Feminist and feminism is in no way an outdated term.

I do not belive that one sex is more tidy than the other, it is simply a question of how one is raised and how you prioritize. Sharing the workload is a non-issue for us. We are two capable adults with functioning limbs; why wouldn't we split?

The Battle of the Sexes Continues: Does It All Come Down to The Dishes?
12/19/13 02:55 AM

Well, we do have Santa Claus in Sweden as well.

These days, the goat is merely another decoration. But the symbolism and traditions are pretty cool

Peter and Lotta's Christmas by Elsa Beskow
12/12/13 08:29 AM

Living in Malmö myself, I feel superlucky have Copenhagen only a busride away.

I mostly go there for food - sadly, Malmö doesn't have a farmers market. Copenhagen also has terrific restaurants. It's easy to find ecofriendly products. The only "design"shop I visit is Kunst og Kökkentöj, where I navigate around piles of kitchenstuff and dream away. And don't miss St Peders Bageri , I always bring baked goods with me.

7/26/13 04:14 AM

I usually buy food and wine as souvenirs, which make a checked in bag a must. Otherwise I would skip it.
My boyfriend and I shared one bag for a a week-long holiday, people just stared at us when they realized they had packed more for one person than we had combined, like we had magic skills or something. But c'mon, one week at the beach? A bikni and 2-3 dresses is all I need. And a ton of books, of course.

Traveling Light: A Few Examples of Most Impressive Packing
7/17/13 03:56 AM