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First of all: very impressive apartment!!

Regarding houseplants.

Some indoor plants start shedding leaves for a few months after being moved indoors. The diminishing daylight hours during fall adds to that. The plants shed as they adjust to suddenly diminished ambient lighting.

But after this phase of shedding, and with increasing daylight in spring, they'll grow new leaves again. That'll be a good time to fertilize them regularly.

You can try moving your balding indoor plant nearer to the window, and keep the curtain nearest to the plant open during daytime.

My family eats rice regularly, and before cooking the rice we'd 'rinse' the rice in water. I keep the cloudy run-off and use it to water my plants. This works very well as a 'clean' fertilizer and most of my Asian friends use 'rice-water' to fertilize their plants too. Some use the run-off from washing shrimps or fishes prior to cooking, but I've yet to try that on indoor plants as I'm wary that it would smell.

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