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Kate -- You're SO right! (Cole and Son is in our bathroom.) AT editors, can you correct my comments?

Lisa & Piero's English Inspired Los Feliz Home House Tour
3/14/12 09:47 AM

Hi, Lisa here. Wow, Piero and I are completely OVERWHELMED by all of your lovely and thoughtful comments -- thank you so so much!! Re: the questions asked by some of you, here are the answers:

1. Yes, I did make all the fiber work you see (the embroidered cross-stitch samplers and the "needlepaintings".) You can contact me directly for commissions (see my blog.)

2. Re: the "persian rug" in the kitchen...it's from IKEA. And it goes in the washing machine. :)

3. Yes, the WWII-era bench is indeed made of horseshoes (and it's heavy!) Found it in London at Bermondsey flea market on a rain-soaked morning at 5am.

4. The front hall wallpaper is called "Flowering Quince" and it's made by Cole and Sons.

5. The bookcase wallpaper in the dining room was created by Deborah Bowness and is available on her website (www.deborahbowness.com)

6. The cherrywood dining room table was purchased by my parents in Copenhagen in the '60's -- maybe check midcentury stores for something similar?

7. The awnings were constructed by Superior Awnings (they're great) and the Dutch door we had a carpenter make, but I'm pretty sure you can find standard ones around -- perhaps Home Depot?

Thank you again, everyone.

x/Lisa and Piero

Lisa & Piero's English Inspired Los Feliz Home House Tour
3/13/12 01:49 AM

No question. Decorno. A consistently surprising, unrecycled, highly caffeinated blog for those who love design but abhor trends.

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12/23/08 07:47 PM