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ElleBee, I'll have one too. And I'd like to say a prayer and drink to world peace.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Exterior Paint Files: Rusty Terracotta Reds
4/1/09 04:07 PM

Cute idea and it actually looks nice. Agree with most others though, the picture may sell it more than the in-person experience.
If I was going to do this, I would soak most of these in different strength tea's to give the filter paper a more organic look.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hot or Not? Coffee Filter Wall Decor
4/1/09 03:44 PM

I absolutely love this.
It looks like one chair jumped out of itself and it's particles are leaping still...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hot or Not? Lathe VIII by Sebastian Brajkovic
2/23/09 03:27 PM

I really like the idea, maybe I might execute it a little different though.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Make Your Photos Pop Off the Wall!
2/23/09 03:20 PM

I constantly have stacks of books around, for lack of space. I find it hard to locate books this way and also a bit of a nightmare for cleaning.
(also- not to be persnickety, but how is stacking books a design idea? It's a default everyone uses when they run out of room. Like piling coats on a bench...)

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspiration: Stacking and Displaying Books
2/16/09 02:26 PM

I love the way this chair looks and that it's design is revealed to you by unfurling it yourself.

(the side view reminds me of the infamous Maxwell ad from the 80's)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hot or Not?: Cabbage Chair by Nendo
12/22/08 03:23 PM