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The barstools are incredible, the sofa looks modern but comfy... ugh. just incredible.

Even the chair at the foot of the bed has a whimsical "robot" look to it that mimics the monster pillow on the sofa. Don't know if that was intentional with the chair, but it doesn't matter.

There is not one thing about this space that I don't just love!

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11/21/09 11:26 AM

actually considering the same thing! May be the perfect excuse to upgrade to that widescreen monitor I've been coveting. :)

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2/2/09 11:37 AM

I make the bed about an hour after getting up. My mom told me when I was younger, even if the rest of the place is messy, a made bed and clean mirrors made up for it. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: Making The Bed
1/5/09 12:01 PM

I nominate myself!! :) Even though I'm a little fish...

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12/23/08 09:38 AM

static cling is worse 1. when the weather is cool/cold and dry 2. when you have synthetic fibers in the load of laundry.

I hang to dry all nylon, polyester clothes like running shorts or sports quik-wick stuff. That really cuts down the static.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Make Your Own Fabric Softening Sheets
12/22/08 03:24 PM

You could build a dance platform if you are REALLY into it. Get plywood, use 2x2's as legs on either end (side to side). Paint it something fun and funky, something you wouldn't mind having leaning against a wall or slide it under the couch. I'm sure you could make the legs fold somehow with hinges. the platform will raise you off the floor enough to not squeak

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Living Upstairs and Squeaky Floors?
12/22/08 03:02 PM

I really want enameled cast iron, but I just bought a caphelon(sp?) nonstick. My understanding is the nonstick material is baked in the material of the pan, not coated on, so it's much more difficult to chip it off. You would actually have to gauge the pan.

Is this right??? Any suggestions?

I always avoid cooking on high, and anytime I know I can use my stainless, I do.

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12/22/08 02:25 PM