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Keurig users have been asking for soup for quite a while so it's about time. And yes, Keurigs are self-cleaning. We have one and I can't stand the taste of coffee and have very sensitive taste buds. I use the Keurig for cider and hot chocolate and have never tasted any coffee at all. Having said that, I'd probably try the soup just to see how good it is. If it's good, sure, I'd buy it.

K-Cup Soup: Best or Worst Idea Ever?
9/10/13 10:29 AM

Declawing is nothing like spaying or neutering. Having worked for a vet I can tell you the pain involved in a declaw is horrific. Most vets consider it barbaric now and won't do it. It often causes more problems than it solves because it takes away a basic part of what a cat is. Instead of getting a cat and chopping it's fingers off at the knuckle to make it something else, get a different animal. Clearly cats are not what you're looking for if you have to mutilate them to make them acceptable to you.

Make This DIY Cat Scratcher Old House New Tricks
4/19/13 03:58 PM

Mclara: Different cats prefer different surfaces for scratching. We have 3 cats, one prefers the horizontal part of the carpeted cat tree, one prefers the sisal cat post, and one prefers - believe it or not - a fan pole. They all like the cardboard scratchers, but the aforementioned are their go-to scratchers. Give your kitties options and they will likely find something that is just as good or better than your furniture. They even sell cat trees with a wood post, a sisal post, and a carpeted post (I think) for just this reason. Another point, whatever they use has to be stable. Cheap cat trees/posts are lightweight and pull over when they use them. If that happens they'll use something more stable - like furniture. Just keep in mind that scratching is a need, they do it to help shed their claws, it's not a bad behavior that you can make go away.

Make This DIY Cat Scratcher Old House New Tricks
4/19/13 02:01 PM